gTLDs That Have Gone The Distance

Many were sceptical when gTLDs first hit the scene, but some of them have been a roaring success.
Change is hard, especially when it comes to something as important as our web addresses. In 2013 when ICANN, the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, began rolling out alternate web address endings called gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains), many weren’t quite sure that they were going to last.
What can we say? We had all grown attached to the .com, .net, and .org web address endings that we had been using for years. But as the traditional domains increased in price and decreased in availability, we needed to find a solution. Generic Top Level Domains provided this solution, creating hundreds of alternate web address endings.
Not every gTLD release has been an instant hit, but many of them have faired much better than we first imagined. Below is a list of gTLDs that have stood the test of time and surprised us with their booming popularity:
The .club domain quickly reached TLD stardom after release in June 2014. Due to some creative marketing – complete with an appearance by rap star 50 Cent, registrations went through the roof. This web address ending had so much attention that we had to get in on the scoop with our very own exclusive interview with .club Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Sass. After two years of consistent registrations, .club is at the top of our successful gTLD list.      
The .xyz gTLD hit tremendous numbers, primarily because the .xyz registry gave away thousands of domains. This action was seen as bad form by many domain enthusiasts, but this status was not long lived. After a shaky start, .xyz got the recognition and credibility needed when Google registered for their parent company, Alphabet. Soon after, registrations picked up and showed the world that the .xyz web address ending is here to stay.
The .top domain name was released in August 2014, and was registered by many big names in the technical world. These companies include Google, Apple, Yahoo, CitiGroup, Chanel and many others. It has since become second most registered gTLD after .xyz. With over a million registrations we can guarantee that these domains will continue to stay at the .top.  
The .science domain is an industry-specific success in the world of gTLDs, the reason for this being the broad array of science topics. From backyard chemistry to Harvard PhD programs, .science has proven its relevancy around the world. As of the time of writing this post, .science holds 2.9% of all domain registrations, which is a lot when you consider just how many web addresses are out there! If you are creating a website dedicated to any aspect of the science community, then this is the domain for you.
Released in October 2015, .link has proven to be pretty impressive, even as a latecomer to the game. Uniregistry has steered the .link domain name to the world of professionals and network building. Whether you are creating a website for a resumé, portfolio or new project, the .link web address ending is an excellent option for creating links between yourself and other professionals and experts.

Whichever gTLD best suits your motivations, it’s apparent that alternate web address endings are here to stay. Get yours today at