.Club Takes Second Place in New Domain Registrations

.Club now has more registrations than any other new domain besides .xyz. Read on to get your own .Club domain today….

157,298 is exactly how many .Club registrations occupy the World Wide Web. The statistics now show that the top level domain has taken the number two spot in total registrations, a spot previously held by .Berlin and now second only to .xyz.
.xyz has held the top spot almost since the release of the web extension. Debates have existed regarding the credibility of this spot considering that .xyz domains were given out in June 2014 by Network Solutions. It has been written that over 70% of the 750,000 were ‘gifted’ to registrants without any action being made even if the client didn’t want the additional domain. Registrants actually had to cancel the free domain to have it removed from their account.
This would be great if the domains were relevant to the holders of the registration, but most were obscure strings of letters and numbers that really aren’t much use to anyone. The question remains as to why anyone would want to do such a thing? Who knows. Perhaps to be the TLD to beat in the statistics?
We could ask .Berlin who reportedly used the same gift tactics to become the second highest registered generic top level domain, that is until last week when .Club registered more than 150,000 domains to secure second place without giving them away or registering domains without permission.
The .Club generic top-level domain, or gTLD, was delegated to the DNS root zone on January 18 2014, and has experienced stellar success since becoming available for general registration on May 7th 2014. Owned by .Club Domains LLC, the .Club gTLD phenomenon was founded by Colin Campbell, a Canadian entrepreneur. Campbell specifically designed the .Club domain extention for the purpose of bringing like minded people together for shared interest, hobbies and ideas.
.Club has yet to beat the .xyz domain extention but has pushed out all other competitors including aforementioned .Berlin, as well as popular .Realtor, .London and .Guru. This action makes a significant statement to the status of generic top-level domains, proving the web extensions are here to stay with a combined three and a half million registered gTLDs. Way to go .Club!
Join the .Club craze with your like-minded associates for the social advantages that this gTLD has to offer. All that’s left for you to do is to pick a name, Midphase.com will do the rest!

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