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Domains starting at $7.99/yr

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  • .legal
  • .memorial
  • .coach
  • .money
  • .science
  • .party
  • .cricket
  • .casa
  • .work

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What are Domains?

What is a Domain?

A TLD (Top Level Domain) is the address used to find you on the Internet. In the same way your company’s street address is used to find your physical offices, a domain name is used to find your website.

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Start with a domain, grow your business

Start with a Domain, Grow your Business

Every idea starts with a domain; making that idea come to life is what we do best. With an easy website builder, ecommerce tools, robust website hosting and even large dedicated servers, it's easy to grow your idea without growing pains. Each domain registration includes automatic setup for a website or email address so reserve your idea and get your domain.

Domains that never sleep. Support that’s always there

We're standing by, ready to help

Your domain is the storefront of your online business and sometimes getting a second opinion is worth its weight in gold. Midphase is continually adding new domain extensions, location based domains, and premium domain options. It's worth it to give us a call or chat with us and get advice from our expert team – it's what we do.

Easily manage your domain in one place

Easily Manage your Domain in One Place

Using the Midphase control panel, managing everything about your domain name is so easy you can do it with your eyes closed. It's been specially designed to make managing your domains intuitive and easy, so you don't have to worry about it getting too technical. With domain name registration, pointing, parking and forwarding in the same place as all other website services, you'll never feel lost. Register your domain to start using the control panel now.

Clear-cut, no hidden costs

We're Legit

Companies that sell domains and hosting are a dime a dozen these days. Many of them package our plans and resell our products to you at a higher price. So what makes us unique? We are an accredited domain registrar, so buying direct from Midphase is a great way to avoid hassle and save money. There are no hidden fees and no crazy price fluctuations on renewals. We're here for you business owners who like consistency, transparency, security and a smooth process to get your domain.

We're Certified

Free Webpage with InstantWebsite

Our most popular benefit, we include one free website builder page with your domain to use for publishing contact details, a simple page advertising your business services or to highlight that you're currently building a website. Don't worry if you don't know how to code a website, our easy-to-use website builder makes it simple enough for anyone to use! After you buy your domain you'll automatically have free access to InstantWebsite inside your control panel.

Clear-cut, no hidden costs

Personalized Email Addresses

Giving your client a Hotmail or yahoo address sends a billboard message that your business will be here today and gone the next. Having personalized emails that match your domain is step 1 to being a real business. When you register a domain name, you get access to personalized email addresses. You can set up your own email and hundreds more for the employees of your company. Managing email addresses is easily done directly in our easy to use control panel.

We're Certified

Domain Forwarding

It's a smart idea to protect your brand by buying several domain types with the same name. Pick up a .com, .net, and .co and you can direct all them to one single website inside our control panel. Domain forwarding is also a popular feature for buying commonly misspelled domains and other common names that people may search for. Get more traffic to your site by expanding your domain coverage.

Clear-cut, no hidden costs

Domain Transfer Locking

Many companies charge fees to keep your domain safe. That's like charging extra for wheels when you buy a car. You can rest assured that your domain is protected with us. Our registration services include domain transfer lock so you are protected from any unauthorized transfer request. On top of that, your domains will automatically renew by default to avoid the risk of losing your domain.

Goodbye Tasteless Parked Domain Page.

Hello InstantWebsite.


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We're Certified

Small Cost, Big Benefits

We won't judge you if, "To good to be true," is your first response when hearing about InstantWebsite; we're used to it. Getting free access to our drag-and-drop website builder is a big deal. Use it to start a new website or create a page to publish your contact info.

We're Certified

Easy to Use

Using InstantWebsite to create a custom webpage is effortless. Simply drag and drop images, text or other content to the exact spot you want it to appear; one click more and your page is online. Buy today, send traffic today.

We're Certified

Professional Look

When a professional look comes standard, you know you're in a good place. InstantWebsite includes many ready-to-go templates that can be customized out-of-the-box so you'll never have to settle with anything but the best.

Clear-cut, no hidden costs

No Hidden Costs

After buying your domain name, InstantWebsite gets added to your customer dashboard automatically; no additional steps, no extra purchases. Simply login, visit the domains section and start building.

New Domain Extensions

New Domains, New Opportunities

The Internet is throwing you a bone in the flavor of more than 700 new domain extensions that open a whole new world of possibilities!

Beginning now, all the domain names you wanted for your established business, or that new startup you've been dreaming about, are ripe for the picking. Don't risk losing your dream domain by registering it now or signing up for the new domain extension watchlist:

  • Pre-reserve your favorite domains with no obligation.
  • Get early access to domains by signing up for the Sunrise and Landrush registration periods.
  • Receive alerts when your watchlist domains are ready for purchase.
  • Get in the queue for general availability.

Manage Your Watchlist

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Top Domains

See the most popular domain extensions


Beat the Rush and Claim Your Domain!

With a launch this big, two things will happen; excitement and confusion. Follow these easy steps to beat the rush and claim the domain you've always wanted.

Step 1: Watchlist

Create a watchlist of the domains you want to register. In the first phase, most new domains are not ready to purchase but getting a watchlist in place will help you to land that perfect domain. Once your watchlist domains are available for purchase, we'll let you know how to order the domain. Add or remove domains from your watchlist at any time by logging in and choosing "Manage Your Watchlist."

Step 2: Sunrise

If you own a registered trademark, this is your exclusive opportunity to protect your brand by getting your domains before they're offered publicly. During the Sunrise period, a non-refundable application fee will be added to your order.

Step 3: Landrush

The Landrush period is when the doors open for the general public to get early access to domains. If you haven't already applied for a domain, or you don't have a registered trademark, then Landrush is the time for you to apply for your domains. This step also involves a non-returnable fee and if multiple people apply for your same domain you will enter an auction to bid for the domain you have chosen; highest bidder wins. Not every new domain will have a Landrush phase but we'll let you know which ones do so you can decide if you want to apply.

Step 4: General Availability

Registration is now open. If you weren't able to order your domains in Sunrise or Landrush, now is your opportunity. We will work with your original watchlist to attempt to register your domains as soon as general availability opens. Make sure you pre-register all of the domains in the watchlist that you want us to register before this phase starts. We will add your pre-registered domains to the queue and hit GO the second general availability opens. Pre-registration fees for domains from your watchlist will be refunded if your domain purchase is unsuccessful.

Follow these easy steps, and we will do our best to get your domains secured. During the last major domain launch of .co, we were able to register domains with an 87% success rate.

Domain Questions?

What do I do if I already have a domain name?

If you already own a domain name, it's easy to transfer it to Midphase so you can manage all website services under one roof, in one control panel. If you have a website with another company, it's easy to transfer to Midphase. Learn more here.

Can I have more than one domain?

You may have as many domains as you want; in fact, buying domains similar to your original domain—like misspellings or additional domain extensions—is something we advise in order to protect your brand.

How do I point my domain to Midphase?

In order to have all your domains directed, or pointed, to one website you need to update your domain name servers (DNS) with the registrar for the domain. New Linux hosting clients will use the following name servers:


If you are uncertain how to do this with your current registrar, you can find guides to change name servers at the most common registrars in our KnowledgeBase. Alternatively, please contact our support teams who will be happy to help you out.

How do I transfer a domain to Midphase?

Before you call us to transfer your domains, you need to contact your existing registrar and request a few things:

  • Unlock the domain.
  • Obtain the EPP authorization code.
  • Remove domain privacy (if you have it).
  • Verify the administrator email listed on the domain is correct.

We will send a verification email to the administrator email address to verify the domain registration and ownership. After receiving this email, you should click the links in the email sent by Midphase (part of UK2 Group) to confirm the domain transfer.

A few important things to note that will prevent the domain transfer from happening.

  • Domains that have been registered less than 60 days can't be transferred.
  • Domains that are within 15 days of their next renewal can't be transferred.

Please be aware that authorizing a domain transfer is reliant upon the domain owner and the existing domain registrar therefore Midphase is not responsible for authorizing the domain transfer. Without the domain transfer being authorized, the transfer of the domain cannot happen, so be sure to click the link in the email.

Are you an accredited registrar?

Midphase is an accredited registrar and can provide extra security knowing your requests will be processed smoothly, with our trusted and reliable domain name registration services.

Why spend more on a premium domain?

If you need to ask this question you probably haven't experienced trying to get the domain you want only to discover it has already been registered.

Premium domains have already been registered/claimed but the registrant is willing to sell it for a slightly higher cost. They fill the void of having to settle for your last choice when registering an important domain. Spending more on a premium domain means you get the right domain from the start; just imagine if Google had settled for the domain "" instead of simply!

Great Deals On Domains

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TLD filter Description filter Price filter Action filter
.legalLay down the law with a .LEGAL$49.99Register
.memorialPay your respects with a .MEMORIAL$49.99Register
.coachTake the playing field online with a .COACH$49.99Register
.moneyLending? Buying? Selling? You need a .MONEY$30.99Register
.scienceShare hypotheses, experiments and theories of everything with a .SCIENCE$30.99Register
.partyJoin the online .PARTY$30.99Register
.cricketHit them for six with a .CRICKET domain$30.99Register
.casaHoliday homes? Mi .CASA es su .CASA!$30.99Register
.workJoin the world of .WORK - find employers, hire, and offer advice$3.99Register
.ripPay tribute to your loved ones with a .RIP$19.99Register
.howLead the way with a .HOW$30.99Register
.bandRock, swing, jazz? Showcase your musical talent with .BAND$23.99Register
.space.SPACE is out of this world$9.99Register
.forsaleShow off what's on offer with .FORSALE$30.99Register
.degreeGive your mortar board an online home with a .DEGREE$64.99Register
.givesShow the world you care with a .GIVES$37.99Register
.worldGo global with a .WORLD$37.99Register
.rehabGet your facility an online home today with .REHAB$37.99Register
.dentistA .DENTIST will put a smile on your face$44.99Register
.softwareKeep your website in line with .SOFTWARE$37.99Register
.auctionGet your bids in for a .AUCTION!$37.99Register
.networkStay connected with an online .NETWORK$23.99Register
.businessShow the online community you mean .BUSINESS $23.99Register
.immoWave your Belgian flag with a .IMMO$37.99Register
.pizzaHave yourself a tasty slice of the Internet with a .PIZZA$59.99Register
.physioRebuild lives with a .PHYSIO$119.99Register
.parisBe a part of the online community of the beautiful .PARIS, c'est magnifique!$79.99Register
.helpYou can get by with a .HELP from your friends$19.99Register
.dietA .DIET won't slim down your wallet!$19.99Register
.propertyGrab an online home for your .PROPERTY$29.99Register
.hostingGive your .HOSTING business an online home$29.99Register
.engineerKeep the world ticking over, become a .ENGINEER$37.99Register
.sarl.SARL stamps your website with a European business seal of approval$37.99Register
.restaurantCook up an online storm with your new .RESTAURANT$59.99Register
.giftsFor the site that keeps on giving, you need a .GIFTS$37.99Register is the digital emergency service for pets. $37.99Register
featured.navyMaritime communications will be plain sailing with .NAVY$37.99Register is the frontline of digital connectivity in the military$37.99Register
featured.airforceIntroducing the top gun of web addresses, .AIRFORCE. $37.99Register
featured.healthcareThe picture of health is now pixelated thanks to .HEALTHCARE$59.99Register
featured.marketThere’s nothing square about the new online .MARKET$37.99Register
featured.mortgageRaise a new type of interest in your business with a .MORTGAGE$64.99Register
featured.lawyerRaise the bar, with the new .LAWYER web address.$44.99Register
featured.attorneyThe power of .ATTORNEY is now online. $44.99Register
featured.cityFor businesses and individuals located in the Big Smoke - .CITY is slicker$23.99Register
featured.dealsGet digital dollar signs in your eyes with a .DEALS website.$37.99Register
.surf.SURFs Up!$37.99Register
.beerHere Here! Three cheers for .BEER$37.99Register
featured.placeGet a .PLACE of your own online$37.99Register
featured.directFor websites that cut out the middle man, there’s .DIRECT$37.99Register is the web address of how-tos, tutorials, and training $37.99Register
featured.lifeGive your website a new lease of .LIFE$37.99Register
featured.republicanPaint the web red, with a .REPUBLICAN domain$119.99Register
.churchEstablish your congregation online with a .CHURCH website. $37.99Register
featured.loansA .LOANS website could be a credit to your business$119.99Register
featured.hostAre you a Web .HOST - ing company? Be the .HOST with the most. Need we say more?$119.99Register
featured.pressExtra, extra, read all about it. .PRESS is perfect for blogs, news sites and even WordPress websites!$89.99Register
featured.websiteMake your digital business stand out online with a .WEBSITE$9.99Register
featured.vodkaThe growing vodka industry is getting its own domain, check out .VODKA today!$37.99Register
featured.rodeoConnect with fellow cowboys with the .RODEO domain. $37.99Register
featured.horseFor all things equestrian, check out the .HORSE domain. $37.99Register
featured.fishingCelebrate the outdoors with the new .FISHING domain. $37.99Register
featured.cookingGive your food blog some love with a .COOKING domain. $37.99Register
featured.countryAimed at the popular music genre, the new .COUNTRY domain gives bands, musicians and bloggers a new home online. $37.99Register
featured.vegasWhat happens in Vegas will no longer stay in Vegas, thanks to the new .VEGAS domain.$79.99Register
featured.globalThe digital world is your oyster with .GLOBAL$89.99Register
featured.accountantsA .ACCOUNTANTS for your accountancy business? It all adds up. $119.99Register
featured.insureWith a .INSURE website, you've got online sales covered. $59.99Register
featured.financeYour your competitors a run for their money with a .FINANCE website. $59.99Register
featured.digitalPut your business on the .DIGITAL map$37.99Register
featured.creditcardMake a statement for your business with a .CREDITCARD website.$179.99Register is the new home of lending online. $119.99Register is the new hot spot for insurance and personal injury companies online. $59.99Register
featured.gratisThe best things in life are .GRATIS$23.99Register
featured.schuleTeach the competition a lesson with a .SCHULE domain$23.99Register
featured.fitnessMuscle-in on the online health industry with a .FITNESS domain$37.99Register is the new online market place for sales, bargains and deals. $37.99Register
featured.furnitureBed-in online with a .FURNITURE website$59.99Register is one of the most diverse domain names to-date. Biographers, biologists and biotechnologists alike could benefit from a .BIO$89.99Register
featured.taxMake your tax-filing business or accountancy stand out online with a .TAX website.$59.99Register
featured.investmentsStock up on new customers with a .INVESTMENTS website$129.99Register
featured.fundEarn a new kind of interest for your business. A .FUND website could get more eyes on you online. $59.99Register
featured.cashPocket a .CASH web address for your brokerage, banking or advisory service. $37.99Register
featured.hausLay your foundations down online with a .HAUS$37.99Register is the shorter, easy to type domain for architects$119.99Register
featured.surgeryA .SURGERY website is just what the doctor ordered!$64.99Register is the domain to smile about.$64.99Register
featured.clinicGive your practice the online treatment with a .CLINIC website. $64.99Register
featured.careForget the home, charity now begins online, thanks to .CARE web addresses.$37.99Register
featured.rocksEveryone from musicians to geologists will want to check out the .ROCKS domain. $14.99Register
featured.financialGet on the money with a .FINANCIAL web address$59.99Register
featured.limitedThe sky’s the limit with a .LIMITED web address$37.99Register - The official web address of face palm moments$37.99Register
featured.wtfWhat the fudge? .WTF is a quirky web ending for a fun fuelled website!$37.99Register
featured.actorLooking for your big break? Get your name out there with a .ACTOR domain. $44.99Register
featured.universityGraduate to a better web address with .UNIVERSITY$59.99Register
featured.toysMake childs’ play of selling with a .TOY web address$37.99Register
featured.reisenYou’ll go far with a .REISEN web address$23.99Register
featured.townHave a local business for local people? Let people know with your own .town.$37.99Register
featured.votingCreate an inline ballot box for polls and surveys with a .VOTING website$84.99Register
featured.leaseGive your business a new .LEASE of life$59.99Register
featured.mediaIs your business in TV, radio or press? Connect it to a .media web address.$37.99Register
featured.associatesShow the world you mean business with a .ASSOCIATES website$37.99Register
featured.picturesA .PICTURE paints a thousand words$14.99Register
featured.kaufenThe new home of German e-commerce sites, .KAUFEN is available now. $37.99Register
featured.consultingGet your name out there with the .CONSULTING tld. $37.99Register
featured.tokyoOne of several new geographically based domains, .TOKYO makes it easier for residents to find local businesses and organizations. $16.99Register
featured.engineeringWhether its software, chemical or civil, let people know its .ENGINEERING$59.99Register
featured.capitalBased in Washington DC, London, Paris? Get yourself a .CAPITAL domain.$59.99Register
featured.gripeRage with the help of the machine - .GRIPE on sale soon$37.99Register
featured.exchangeSwap the way you do business online forever with a .EXCHANGE$37.99Register
featured.modaItalian and Spanish for "Fashion" .MODA gives designers a chic new domain option. $37.99Register
featured.onlShort for online, the new .ONL domain provides a new alternative to .COM and .NET$19.99Register
featured.barYour local tavern now has its own domain with .BAR. $89.99Register
featured.restShort for restaurant, the new .REST domain gives dining a new way to reach customers. $44.99Register
featured.servicesMiss your chance at the perfect .COM for your business? Check out .SERVICES as a nice, corporate alternative. $37.99Register
featured.pubIn addition to pubs, .PUB is also a good fit for the publishing industry. $37.99Register comes early this year!$37.99Register
featured.blackfridayOpen ultra early with a .BLACKFRIDAY web address$37.99Register
featured.nagoyaOne of several geographically targeted domains, .NAGOYA offers the city its own corner of the web. $16.99Register
featured.visionWhile .VISION fits your eye doctor, it can also be applied to any 'organizations' site in search of unique branding. $37.99Register
featured.fishFrom conservation to sport, the .FISH domain has plenty of applications. $37.99Register
featured.reportIndustry, media, and academia all utilize reports, make them easy to find with a .REPORT domain. $23.99Register
featured.partsMake it easy for people to find what they need with a .PARTS domain. $37.99Register is a broad and encompassing domain suited for many business endeavors. $37.99Register can be applied to a variety of sites, from home improvement and construction to software and development.$37.99Register
featured.supplyGet your supply company its very own .SUPPLY domain name today!$23.99Register
featured.suppliesPerfect for many organizations, the new .SUPPLIES domain is now available. $23.99Register
featured.webcamWhether you sell video conferencing equipment or run a live feed of the squirrels, .WEBCAM provides you with numerous possibilities.$37.99Register
featured.tradeFor anyone involved in buying and trading, the .TRADE domain is a great fit. $37.99Register
featured.bidYour online auction site has its own home with a .BID domain. $37.99Register
featured.inkPrinting services? Tattoo parlor? .INK is the domain for you.$37.99Register
featured.cleaningCustodial services? Dry Cleaners? Check out the .CLEANING domain now. $37.99Register
featured.cateringGet your catering business noticed with the .CATERING domain name!$37.99Register
featured.communityCivic centers, non-profits, and local business all benefit from the new .COMMUNITY domain. $37.99Register
featured.cardsWith many applications, from greeting cards to business cards, .CARDS opens up several options for your site. $37.99Register
featured.partnersGet your corporate site a .PARTNERS domain, available today!$59.99Register
featured.datingDo you or your business like to play cupid? Pre-order your .DATING domain - it'll be a match made in heaven.$59.99Register applies to a number of industries. For a descriptive and relevant domain, you can't go wrong with this choice. $37.99Register
featured.eventsRun an events calendar? Event planning service? Get a .EVENTS domain now!$37.99Register
featured.tiendaPerfect for your e-commerce store, check out .TIENDA and reach new audiences today. $59.99Register
featured.maisonFrench for house, the .MAISON domain is perfect for real estate and related materials. $59.99Register
featured.condosGet your condos improved exposure with their very own .CONDOS domain!$59.99Register
featured.propertiesGet your real estate listings the attention they deserve with .PROPERTIES$34.99Register
featured.socialAre you a social media maven, ninja, or guru? Show the world with .SOCIAL. $37.99Register
featured.reviewsDo you review products? Get your site noticed when you register a .REVIEWS domain. $29.99Register
featured.futbolMake your love of the game official and get a .FUTBOL domain. $14.99Register
featured.xyzLooking for a flexible domain that isn't .com? .XYZ is just what you need. $14.99Register is the new home for the German real estate market, check it out today!$34.99Register
featured.villasMake your casa their casa with a .villas website$59.99Register - for sun, sea, sand and sales$34.99Register
featured.rentalsGet more eyes on your hire site with a .rentals domain$34.99Register
featured.ninjaGive your personal brand a bit of flair with the new .NINJA domain. $23.99Register
featured.flightsWatch your business take off with a .flights domain$59.99Register
featured.cruisesStart your business journey with a .cruises domain$59.99Register
featured.wikiKeep your wiki site simple with .WIKI as your domain extension. $34.99Register
featured.democratShow your political side with a .DEMOCRAT domain. $34.99Register
featured.danceThe perfect domain for all the movers and shakers out there, .DANCE is available now. $29.99Register
featured.foundationHelp your non-profit stand out with the new .FOUNDATION tld. $34.99Register
featured.exposedSpice up your blog with a .EXPOSED domain. $23.99Register
featured.luxuryGive your brand the domain name it deserves with a .LUXURY tld. $699.99Register gives you some great branding opportunities. Get yours today!$37.99Register
featured.expertThe new domain of choice for portfolios and professional sites, .EXPERT is available now. $59.99Register
featured.agencyGet your business the perfect domain extension with the new .AGENCY option. $23.99Register
featured.watchGreat for blogs and news sites, the .WATCH domain has arrived.$37.99Register
featured.coolNeed a cool new domain name? Why don't you give .COOL a go. $37.99Register
featured.clubA good fit for a variety of ventures, check out the .CLUB domain!$14.99Register
featured.kiwiNow New Zealand has a domain with some flair. Check out .KIWI!$39.99Register
featured.zoneRebranding? Check out .ZONE to give your site a new feel. $34.99Register
featured.cheapThe .CHEAP domain provides a new option for coupon and classified sites. $34.99Register
featured.boutiqueReady to do more with your arts and crafts blog? Get a .BOUTIQUE domain and start selling!$34.99Register
featured.bargainsRun a coupon or deals site? Check out the new .BARGAINS domain. $34.99Register
featured.buildThe new .BUILD domain provides contractors and others involved in construction their very own slice of the internet. $89.99Register
featured.viajesFor sites targeting Latin American tourism, you can't go wrong with .VIAJES$59.99Register
featured.farmAgriculture now has a domain of its own. Check out .FARM today!$59.99Register
featured.codesGet a .CODES domain for your programming site or blog!$34.99Register
featured.redGet a .RED domain for your site today and explore unique branding options. $19.99Register
featured.pinkThe perfect domain for your blog or fashion site, .PINK offers many branding opportunities. $19.99Register
featured.kimIntended for the millions of people sharing the last name, get a .KIM domain now. $19.99Register offers infinite options for your brand. Check it out!$19.99Register
featured.holidayPerfect for many bloggers and boutique sites, check out .HOLIDAY now. $59.99Register
featured.marketingA great choice for companies large and small, check out the .MARKETING domain. $34.99Register
featured.giftRun an online boutique? Check out .GIFT today. $32.99Register
featured.buzzA great option for your blog or news site, check out the .BUZZ domain. $44.99Register
featured.photoThe latest domain catering to the photography industry, take a look at .PHOTO$32.99Register
featured.picsA great choice for displaying your photography skills, .PICS is now live. $19.99Register
featured.guitarsAn excellent choice for the musicians out there, .GUITARS is available now. $34.99Register
featured.linkPerfect for a variety of sites, get a .LINK domain today. $19.99Register is the perfect domain name for your energy startup. $34.99Register
featured.internationalReady to take your site to the next level? Check out the .INTERNATIONAL domain for your global brand. $24.99Register
featured.housePerfect for interior decorators, designers, and housewares, the .HOUSE domain is now available. $34.99Register
featured.floristNeed the perfect domain for your floral arrangements? Look no further than .FLORIST$34.99Register
featured.coffeeThe coffee industry is huge, and now it has its very own domain name. Check out .COFFEE$34.99Register
featured.campFor those that love the great outdoors .CAMP makes the perfect domain!$34.99Register
featured.repairRun an autobody shop? Fix furnaces? .REPAIR is a great new domain option. $34.99Register
.instituteDoes your organization have Institute in the name? Get a .INSTITUTE domain now for some unique branding opportunities. $24.99Register
featured.educationPerfect for education and training focused organizations, .EDUCATION is available now!$24.99Register
featured.glassWindshield repair? Window washer? Get a .GLASS domain to perfect your online brand. $34.99Register
featured.ceoNow your company's leadership can have their own domain! Check out .CEO, available now. $99.99Register
featured.trainingRun a how-to blog? Provide online learning opportunities? Check out the .TRAINING domain. $39.99Register is an easily recognized and memorable domain for your front line teams. $29.99Register is a great domain for your corporate website. $29.99Register
featured.emailRun an email service? Building an app for managing email? Check out .EMAIL. $29.99Register
featured.buildersDo you work in construction? The new .BUILDERS domain is perfect for your site!$39.99Register
featured.systemsNo description available.$29.99Register is a great domain option for many organizations, from business to civic.$29.99Register
featured.managementNo description available.$29.99Register
featured.academyWhether you operate an educational institution, or simply run a DIY blog, .ACADEMY provides a host of new options for your site.$30.99Register
featured.computerA great fit for your tech blog or business, .COMPUTER is now available.$39.99Register
featured.companyCan't find a .COM or .CO? Now you can register .COMPANY!$29.99Register
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