How do I transfer a domain to Midphase?

Before Midphase is able to transfer your domains, there are a few housekeeping items that you must complete with your existing registrar: Please request the following items:

  • That the domain be unlocked.
  • Access to the EPP authorization code.
  • Domain privacy removal (if applicable)
  • Verification that the administrator email listed with the domain is correct.

Once completed, Midphase will send a verification email to the administrator email address to verify domain ownership and registration. Once you receive this email, please click the links to confirm the domain transfer.

A few important notes that may delay your domain transfer:

  • We cannot transfer domains that have been registered for less than 60 days
  • Domains within 15 days of their next renewal cannot be transferred.

Please note that authorizing a domain transfer depends on the domain owner and the existing domain registrar, therefore Midphase is not responsible for authorizing the domain transfer. Without authorization of the domain transfer, the transfer cannot occur, so please be sure to click the link within the email.