Special Offer: Web Hosting now only $1/first month

Special Promotions - Terms and Conditions 2021

  1. 20% EXTRA20 Discount Code available for new customers only.
  2. $0.99 .com domain offer on site is valid on a basis of one domain per customer.
  3. All domain offers apply to new registrations only.
  4. All domains registered under a special offer must remain on their Midphase plan for minimum of 12 months.
  5. All Offers renew at their normal, non-discounted rates after the initial contract period has completed.
  6. All offers apply to new sales from our website or CHI control panel only and are not applicable for renewals or existing services.
  7. Midphase reserves the right to alter or withdraw these offers at any time.
  8. All Midphase standard Terms and Conditions apply.
  9. Discount codes are applicable to new purchases only

Last updated 17/02/2021