Top tips for optimal web design

10 Tips for Optimal Web Design

Posted by Neil Cumins

Launching a new website is an exciting event, but it’s easy to lose focus during the design and construction process. Larger companies may have different departments arguing over functionality and key priorities, while entrepreneurs often…
April 25, 2017
How long will Snapchatification last?

Snapchatification: How Long Will it Last?

Posted by Guest Blogger

The “Snapchatification” of just about every social media network has reached almost comical levels. Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp have all implemented a version of “stories”, leaving many to wonder how Snapchat will fare now that…
April 21, 2017
social media management

The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Management

Posted by Neil Cumins

If you thought social media marketing was easy, think again. This multi-billion dollar industry remains one of the fastest-moving and challenging aspects of corporate self-promotion. While we’re all comfortable uploading photos to personal pages or…
April 18, 2017
The power of social media on brands

Saving Face: Brands Are You Ready to Backtrack Fast?

Posted by Guest Blogger

As a consumer, it’s easy to feel sometimes that corporations are indifferent to the desires of their customers. Rather, it seems that all companies really care about are the interests of shareholders. That’s why taking…
April 14, 2017

How to Create a WhatsApp Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

Posted by Neil Cumins

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that its WhatsApp messaging service was trialing a new system whereby companies could communicate directly with private users. Since WhatsApp’s client base now covers a billion people, this represents a…
April 11, 2017
IG Pod and Instagram algorithm

Will the IG Pod Outsmart the Instagram Algorithm?

Posted by Guest Blogger

Last year, the photo-sharing network Instagram made a game-changing alteration to the way that users interact with their feeds. Instead of showing every photo chronologically as it is posted, the network adjusted to an algorithmic…
April 7, 2017
choosing the right domain name for your blog

Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Blog

Posted by Neil Cumins

Choosing the right blog domain name isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. A non-corporate blog is a very personal thing, with a potential to develop in ways that are unforeseen at the outset. From…
April 4, 2017
How to deal with too much email

Email Hacks and Apps

Posted by Guest Blogger

Ask anyone what change they wish they could make to their digital life, and they are likely to respond with the following gripe: “I get way too much email—I’d love to receive less of it.”…
March 31, 2017
Best SEO tools to increase business rankings

The Best SEO Tools to Start Ranking Your Website

Posted by Yasmin El-Saie

When you enter a search term into Google or Bing, and individually ranked results appear within a second of pressing Return, it’s easy to forget the incredible amount of processing power and calculations that have…
March 28, 2017
Online subscription is the new business model

Is the Age of the Online Freebee Over?

Posted by Guest Blogger

It’s been a long-held tenet of the digital era that people—especially digital natives and millennials—are not willing to pay for things online that they can otherwise get for free. Online, this has affected everything from…
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