Do You Need Help With Server Maintenance?

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

When website maintenance becomes a problem for your business, your business will undoubtedly suffer. Keeping on top of updates is essential when you’re competing in the online marketplace, as any unhappy customers won’t hesitate to…
October 11, 2016

5 Google Inventions That Changed The World Forever

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Can anyone remember the time, long ago, when Google was not synonymous with performing a search on the internet? How about when Google Glass promised to revolutionize the way we live but then just...didn't? Today…
October 6, 2016

How To Create A Killer Crowdfunding Campaign

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

Crowdfunding is slowly creeping into the mainstream. Building on the blocks of our nascent super-connected society, people have begun to take asking for money to the masses. And why not? Your birthday comes but once…
October 4, 2016

How To Ensure Your Website Is Google Visible

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

You’re starting your own business and your website is ready to go. You’ve invested in a professional-looking and well designed website; it has been optimized and has a fast loading time. Great. But now what?…
September 21, 2016

A Guide To Marketing Your Website Well

Posted by Madeleine Bruce

So you've got a killer website for your business, but you don't know how to spread the good word? Never fear, Midphase is here! Read on to learn about three digital marketing basics to get…
September 14, 2016

Web Hosting: What Should You Expect For Your Money?

Posted by Yasmin El-Saie

Make sure you're getting the most out of your web hosting package. You’ve made the online plunge: your website is thought through, you have a designer or professional template ready to go and now you…
August 31, 2016
Midphase Blog, Cloud Storage: How does it work?

Cloud Storage: How Does It Work?

Posted by Kelly Kirkham

Putting data in the cloud is a somewhat ambiguous term for offsite storage, but what does that entail exactly? Let us explain… (more…)
August 24, 2016
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