Now Announcing StarterSite Plus!

Midphase is thrilled to announce an exciting new update to one of our favorite web hosting tools. If you currently have a domain name registered with Midphase, then you’ve probably used our free StarterSite tool. If not, then you’ve come to Midphase at just the right time to try it out. 

What is StarterSite?

StarterSite is a tool that helps Midphase clients create streamlined, professional websites in five minutes or less. No technical expertise required! Quickly and easily create a single-page website that features all of your important information, including: 

  • Contact Us form
  • Physical address with Google Map
  • Social media links
  • Hours of operation
  • Contact information
  • Meta tags and descriptions for increased visibility
  • Auto-optimization to look great on any screen

This freemium version of StarterSite allows you to connect with those who may be searching for your important information online, along with the option to add additional features to your website for a low monthly fee. For example, for $1 per month each you can add:

    • Up to ten custom images in your website gallery
    • Ten content blocks, perfect for a menu or product options 
    • A custom background image

StarterSite allows you to quickly join the digital community with a professional, optimized, streamlined website in minutes without spending a fortune.  

Who should use StarterSite?

If you have a domain currently registered with Midphase, then StarterSite is for you. StarterSite is especially helpful for those who:

  • Are waiting for a large website to be completed, but need to share information in the meantime
  • Don’t need a large online presence
  • Only need a single-page website for your business or organization
  • Have purchased a domain and simply want to park a website as a placeholder

Introducing StarterSite Plus

While our freemium version of StarterSite can get you online in minutes, we are excited to offer you even more value from this exceptional tool. StarterSite Plus offers all of the usability of StarterSite along with all of our Premium features and three 10GB email accounts linked to your website domain.   
Enjoy all of the Premium features (a $3 value) PLUS three 10GB email addresses to display your brand’s reputability and professionalism with StarterSite Plus. And there’s more…

Updated StarterSite Plus features

As the third version of StarterSite offered by Midphase, we know that you will enjoy the latest usability features including:

  • Fully customizable and mobile-responsive navigation bar and menu labels
  • Improved user interface for easy configuration
  • Easy markdown buttons for simple HTML features like bold, italics, font sizes, headings, etc. 
  • Shareable Snapchat social button
  • Customizable ‘About Us’ and ‘Contact Us’ headlines
  • Easy editing for footer text
  • Quick activation for the StarterSite tool

So, what are you waiting for? To get started, activate your StarterSite tool by logging into your Midphase CHI account and select the StarterSite Plus option. You will be online in minutes to inform the world with your professional, sleek website. 

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