Your Website Is Now Live: Time To Make Money

Your website is now up and running. So what’s next? Time to rake in the dough, and Midphase can help.
Any website with a fair amount of traffic has the opportunity to capitalize and make some extra money. It may seem intimidating at first, but millions of people are cashing checks from their website traffic. With a little bit of help you will be on your way to making money too.
Monetizing your website is easier than you think. You had the idea and then built the website, so you must be pretty capable right? Below you will find four tips on how to take the traffic you have, build on it and use it to pad your checking account:

  • Create More Traffic

The more visitors you have to your website, the more money you will make. This is why it is important to think about increasing traffic from the very beginning of your monetization journey. This part can be hard for some people because it involves bragging about yourself, whether it is in person to your acquaintances or through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Don’t be afraid to direct people to your website. You made it, so show it off.
It is also helpful to get familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) methods so that search engines can direct people to your website. Midphase offers a free website scan to get you started. Our Website SEO Guru will tell you the current status of your website’s SEO, and in what areas you can work on for improvements. Learn more about Midphase’s Website SEO Guru today.

  • Get Affiliated

Becoming an affiliate is like partnering with another business to direct traffic and sales to their website. In return, that business will give you a small share of any money spent by visitors on your website. Picking an affiliate is an important step; you will need to analyze your audience and anticipate the products and services they will be interested in. You can learn more about becoming an affiliate with this blog post.

  • Paid Ads

This is the tried and true way to make money from your website. By placing ads on your website you can earn money through clicks and views. Just about every website you stumble upon will use paid ads as a source of revenue. Google AdSense is a great way to get started. Be sure that you pay attention to the type of ad and the content, as in some cases ads and banners can slow down your website or cause loading issues, but this can usually be worked out while you wait for the money to roll in.

  • Write About It

Adding a blog to your website is great for SEO value as well as a method for earning extra money each month. Many businesses will hire other websites to review or discuss their products on your website. This paid content can fit in well with your website’s news and events while also adding value to your website. You also get the added benefit of working directly with other businesses and not with a website. To add a blog to your website you might want to take a look at WordPress Hosting from Midphase. You can quickly and easily set up a blog, or add one to your existing website.

  • Sell Something

This might seem obvious if you already run an ecommerce website, but if you specialize in news or advice you may not have entertained this thought before. Adding a small store to your website is incredibly easy and many have found great success by adding a few items available for purchase. Who knows, you may discover that ecommerce is your true calling. Get started with an ecommerce website today with the help of Midphase’s Ecommerce Website Builder. You never know where your sales might take you.

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