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Easy Website Builder

The easiest way to build a website

  • Get the Results You Want!
  • Choose from over 200 Professional Templates!

Website Builder Overview

Easily Build an Awesome Website

Easily Build an Awesome Website

The Midphase Website Builder is the easiest way to build a website exactly the way you want; no geek necessary. Don't be fooled by other website builders, ours is the VERY latest, with mobile device compatible websites and ecommerce tools with no technical knowledge required!

Out of the Box Templates

"Out of the Box" Professional Templates

With professionally designed templates, you know your new website is going to look great, but you can also adapt it to suit your needs. Don’t like something about a template? No problem; simply remove it or drag something else in its place. Click here to view the incredible templates.

Drag and Drop Website Editor

Your Content, Where You Want It

Adding text, video, and images only requires you know how to click and move your mouse, that’s it! Use the online website builder to simply drag-and-drop content exactly where you want it on the page.

Build Your Website in Our Easy to Use Control Panel

Build Your Business, Not Your Code

var bttf = new function (){ 
  this.dmc = function() {
    if (((88+1.21)+clock()*1.15)==1955){
      flux.dest() = 1985;
What the HTML is that supposed to mean? You’ll never need to understand or touch complex code using our site builder software; everything is done through the easy-to-use control panel. That said, if you still want to mess with CSS and HTML5 you actually can!

Take Your Website Mobile

Go Mobile and Equip their Fingertip

Connecting to your customers is important, no matter what device they use. With the mobile site builder software, your customers automatically see your mobile site when visiting with their mobile device. Give them what they need faster without pinching and squinting to see what’s on screen.

Easily Build an Awesome Website

Over 200 Professional Templates with No Boundaries and No Limitations

Website Builder includes templates ranging from minimalist architectural sites to highly functional plumbing websites and everything in between. If you already have a layout or design in mind, simply use the site builder to start from scratch and create it exactly the way you envision with complete flexibility and no boundaries. View all of Midphase's amazing templates here.

Easily Build an Awesome Website

Channel Visitors into Customers

Utilizing the most effective website tools and business features including Google Maps, social media feeds and buttons, contact forms and ecommerce integration, your site visitors will easily connect with you and your business. Simply drag and drop anything you want to any page to make your website experience exactly what your customers need.

Mobile Website Animation

Built-in Mobile Website Builder Software

No one likes to play website ninja when looking for information about your business online. With our mobile site builder, your visitors will see your website in a way that fits their device perfectly and automatically. Including image optimization, maps, a 'Call Me' button and more, the mobile website builder gives you all the options you need to give your customers the experience they deserve.

Easy Website Builder

Choose from over 200 Professional Templates!

Website Builder includes templates ranging from minimalist architectural sites to highly functional plumbing websites and everything in between. If you already have a layout or design in mind simply start from scratch and create it exactly the way you envision!

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Get the Results You Want

Using our online website builder is easy to get the results you want. View the video to see how the website builder can help you create a professional website & be successful online.

Midphase Website Builder gives the perfect opportunity to easily build a website that looks as awesome as your business. Creating the exact look and feel for your website is easy with hundreds of designer templates. After picking a template, use the drag and drop functionality built into the site builder to employ flexibility without getting tied down; like other restrictive site builder software.

Feel confident you built a website that looks like it was built by a web designer; doing it with website builder software is your little secret that no one else needs to know! Use the online website builder and say goodbye to costly web design fees.

Website Builder FAQs

What is the difference between web hosting and the website builder?

With a wide range of products and services, we provide everything you need to be successful online; whatever the status of your website. Our website builder is a perfect tool to use for those who want an easy and professional way to get their idea or business online. Simply select a template and edit the content in an easy DIY interface.

Web hosting is a service providing space on the Internet for websites (go here for more information about web hosting services). Those who already have a way to create their website and just need the tools to make their website available on the Internet usually choose a web hosting account, like the Business web hosting plan.

How do new or existing domain names work with the website builder?
New Domains
—   Each Website Builder account needs a domain name which is the address to your website and how people will find you on the Internet. All our yearly contracts include a domain name for free.

Existing Domains
—   If you already own a domain name you can transfer it to Midphase and use it with your Website Builder account. We encourage you to transfer your domain to Midphase, if it’s not already here, because it is easier to manage and link your different services together using just one control panel.
How do I modify the background?
You can change your site background using the background drop-down menu located on the top of the editor.
How do I set up a sub-navigation menu?
A navigation widget can be confined to any group of pages in a folder. Create a new folder containing all the pages that will appear in your sub-navigation menu. Drag a navigation menu widget to your page, double click on it and assign it to the folder you just created
How do I change the type style
The style settings panel allows you to edit global text styles. You can create a new style for your text or modify one of the list.
How can I publish my site?
Click on the Publish button on top of the page.
Why is my site not showing the same in all browsers?
Different browsers read code in different ways, but in general you should be able to see your website the same way in modern browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE (newest versions).

If you see differences in your website between browsers, try to install the Flash Player latest version and clear your browser's cache.
Can I do something to help Google find my site?
You should request Google to index the site, making sure that its listed in the search results. Aside from that, you can improve your website content using the built-in SEO tools and focus on specific keywords to help users find your website.
When I've updated my SEO settings, will I be in the top ten of Google searches?
Our sites have excellent SEO performance and require you only to enter appropriate terms for the site (and optionally the page) and then invite Google to index the site. Although we can’t guarantee rankings within Google, the following factors will help your rankings:
—   The frequency and location of keywords within the web page: If the keyword only appears once within the body of a page, it will receive a low score for that keyword.
—   How long the web page has existed. People create new web pages every day, and not all of them stick around for long. Google places more value on pages with an established history.
—   The number of other web pages that link to the page in question. Google looks at how many web pages link to a particular site to determine its relevance.

Everyone wants their site to be listed at the top of a Google search but this can only be achieved through good content, site optimization, social sharing and building links to your site.
How can I use Google Analytics with my site?
You can use Google Analytics to analyze the usage of your site. You will need to sign up for a Google Analytics account and paste your Profile ID inside our editor. We’ll include it in the pages after that, and you can see the results in your Analytics account.
Is it possible to embed JavaScript and PHP script?
You can embed JavaScript into your site, but we take no responsibility if your site gets damaged by pasting any kind of code. You must be sure you know how to use & embed code before trying to paste any code into your site.
Is my website published in PHP, HTML or ASP?
Your website is published in HTML.
What is the maximum number of widgets I can have on a page?
There is no fixed limit but we do not test beyond 100 widgets. We recommend that you do not create pages with more than 50 widgets because it could be slow to load.

Website Builder Plans & Pricing

The Midphase site builder is the easiest way to get your idea online and create a website that’s as unique and awesome as your business. Within minutes after picking a plan, your idea will be online and ready for the world to see. Website builder is wonderful for beginners building a site for the first time.

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