How Twitter Personas Could Boost Your Business

Twitter’s new analysis tool could help you easily engage with customers through targeted tweets.
Social media provides a great opportunity to directly interact with customers on a personal level, if used correctly. Sometimes knowing which audience you should be targeting, and how best to reach them, can be tough, but Twitter has added a feature that could make your client interactions a little bit easier.
Twitter recently announced a “new enhancement to the audience insight dashboard” in this blog post. The audience insights tool allows user to access information about their audience and their behaviors, including information concerning demographics, interests, lifestyle, purchasing behaviour, and mobile and television usage. This data can help businesses better understand who is reacting to specific ad campaigns as well as who isn’t, all with a few clicks of the mouse.
Along with their analytical tool, Twitter also unveiled a set of targetable personas, which Twitter refers to as “a new way to quickly learn about relevant groups of users and then target them in campaigns with a single click”. Users are divided into 11 different categories that can be targeted directly:twitter-personas
Twitter product manager, Andrew Bragdon, explained more about campaign insights on the Twitter blog, writing: “Campaign insights help you better understand who you’re reaching with your ad campaigns. Within your campaign dashboard, you can simply click ‘View audience insights’ to learn more about your paid audience, and then use this information to optimise your targeting and ad content.”.
Obviously an individual could fit into one or more categories, but by classifying readers into unique categories business could tailor their ad campaigns to target specific demographics. With one click Twitter allows you to point your ads towards the demographic you feel will best identify with the message you are sending. This allows you to to tweak your content for each group; in reality seniors most likely won’t react in the same way that millennials will.
Twitter is considered to be one of the most powerful social media platforms; information can quickly spread with limited required action. So in other words, Twitter can get your content out with less work, if approached properly. Follow these tips to get the best results from your tweets:

  1. Know your audience.

Knowing exactly who you are targeting is now easier than ever, so be sure to take advantage of it. Learn who is actively engaging with your content and speak directly to them.

  1. Show some personality.

Readers like to know that they are dealing with a human voice and not a robot. Speak and act like a real person rather than a marketing robot, but always keep it professional.

  1. Offer value.

Engage in conversations that allow you to find the questions that your audience is asking and then answer them.

  1. Don’t be self-centered.

Readers will get bored if all you offer is self-promotion. Follow an 80-20 rule, meaning that 20% is self-promotion and 80% is engaging and entertaining content.

  1. Think quality, not quantity.

Tweeting 100 times a day isn’t a useful goal unless you really have something important to say. Remember that it is better to have 500 dedicated and interactive followers than 10,000 uninterested follows. It’s all about quality.

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