.com Is The Undisputed King Of Domain Names

While gTLDs are big news in domains, they can’t quite compete with our old standby .com, which now has over 120 million registrations.
Before the .ninjas and .gurus of the internet, we all hailed the king of websites: the .com. It seems that no amount of generic top level domains can knock .com off its pedestal: Verisign, the company behind the .com registry, recently reported that there are now over 120 million different .coms registered, a figure that has never before been reached.
According to the Verisign report, not only has the .com registry broken their own record, but they have registered 8.7 million .com and .net in the second quarter of 2015 alone. That’s a lot of websites. Here at Midphase we’re pretty excited about the steep number of registrations because we know that our super-low registration domain prices have helped our friend .com make it to the top.     
Let’s take a look at the biggest and brightest .coms to date, based on numbers of visitors:

As the leading search engine in the world we can’t say that Google as the number one .com is too surprising. Go Google!

From humble beginnings, Facebook climbed the ranks to – just like .com – become the king of social media. We don’t think Facebook.net would ever have made it as far!

The video-sharing giant of a platform was born on February 14, 2005 (how romantic!) and has since become Google’s bestie for better or for worse.

This leading search engine has dominated the Chinese web, and it chose a .com to help it succeed!  

While competing as a search engine, Yahoo also offers many other services beside basic search including fully customizable content that has kept the visitor counter climbing up and up.

Want to buy something? Anything? If so, odds are that Amazon has it, if not you probably won’t find it anywhere else!

This website is a combination news/social media site that is hugely popular in China. Google offers a translation if you are interested.

Ahhh Twitter, the Facebook for brief thoughts. In only 140 characters at a time Twitter has taken its .com to the top!
Now we don’t want to forget about our newest superstar domains, the gTLDs. Since their release from ICANN over the last few years, the gTLDs have become the celebrities of web addresses. And while the future looks bright for the industry and topic specific web address endings, we will always admire .com as the greatest.

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