Why America Needs More .Vacations!

Americans are vacation-deprived. That’s the verdict travel company Expedia have made following a 434-question study into the vacation habits of people in 24 countries around the world.

According to their research, the average American receives a measly 14 days leave a year – that’s 10 days less than the UK and 15 days less than Germany. And that’s only the start of the inequality as far as vacations are concerned. Most Americans don’t even take their full leave allowance and 35 percent say they’ve cancelled vacation time due to work commitments.
This is where .vacations comes in. .vacations is one of the newest web address ending to be released for sale on the Internet. It’s the web address ending for anyone who sells holidays, whether it’s rooms in a bed and breakfast or full-scale international escapes.It’s been created to give website owners more choice when it comes to their web addresses – because names like vacations.us and vacations.com went off the market years ago. This new address should make it easier for customers to identify your vacation sales online – and goodness knows America needs more help booking their breaks!
If you’re one of the lucky Americans who actually has a vacation booked for this year, you can use a .vacations as an online photo-journal or diary to brag about your break to your desk-bound colleagues back home.
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