If Web Hosting Options Were Governments….

Picking the right web hosting company can feel like the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack, but if you follow our guide to the types of web hosting using a giant government metaphor, you’ll find that needle in no time!
‘Dedicated’, ‘shared’, ‘cloud’: these words don’t mean a lot when purchasing a web hosting package, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t important. You just need to know what you are getting with each type of web hosting to ultimately decide what will work best for you. Some of you might already be subscribed to hosting packages that leave you unfulfilled. Read on to find out the difference between each type of web hosting and what each offers.
I’m using a government analogy (something that most of us understand) to describe the different types of web hosting (something complicated that the average person doesn’t know a lot about). While they might not match up perfectly, the aim is just to give you a general idea. It might stretch your mind back to middle school government classes, but trust me it will be worth it!
Here we go…
If dedicated web hosting was a government body, it would be: Totalitarian  
When purchasing a dedicated server you become a dictator over the resources you have purchased, and you have complete control over what goes where and to whom. You have the power to resell portions of your server to your own clients or keep it all for yourself (cue evil laugh here!). Dedicated hosting is perfect for large sites, large databases, gamers, resellers and control freaks.
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If shared web hosting was a government body, it would be: Communist
If you purchase shared hosting for your site you are renting a portion of a larger server. You have your allotted resources that are for your use only, but you have to play by the server’s rules. Don’t worry, the rules are very easy to follow and are in your best interest anyway. This means that you run the risk of your site being suspended in the event that you are hacked, if your site contains malware or if your site is sending large quantities of spam. Your average site doesn’t normally run into these types of problems so you need not worry. Shared hosting is perfect for smaller sites and databases, applications or large sites that are in their beginning stages, providing you with everything you need with lots of room to grow.
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If Cloud hosting was a government body, it would be: Democratic
Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are much like the free market seen in the United States. With VPS hosting you pay for what you want and what you plan to use. It is scalable and flexible for any type of use. You have the reserved space you need all the time, but you can add to it or take away as needed. It acts like a dedicated server in the way that you have complete control over what is yours. Cloud hosting is perfect for those who like control but don’t need an entire server for their projects.
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