Say Yes To gTLDs!

The time to leave behind your standard domain name and wade into the waters of gTLDs is now.
ICANN changed the internet landscape forever just over two years ago when they launched their gTLD program. Since then, hundreds of thousands of unique web addresses have hit the internet, with endings ranging from .ninja to .golf. Although these domain names took their time in gaining traction and reputation online, many big names have now chosen to bag their own gTLD for their business website, and you could be next…
For many businesses the struggle to find a unique, short and memorable domain name is tough. Many of us pin down a catchy brand name only to find that the associated .com domain name was snapped up back in the ‘90s and the current owner isn’t budging on a sale. Fortunately for these businesses, the range of new web address endings which are now available to the public can make this struggle a thing of the past.
As of today there are over 700 unique domain names available to register on the web, and here at Midphase we have the cream of the crop available for your business website. Should your brand identify as experts in any particular field, we can help you outline this in your web address with a .expert domain name, or even a .ninja if you feel like thinking outside the box. Do you fancy following in the footsteps of online giant Google and snapping up a .xyz domain name for your brand, or indeed your parent company? We can help you out there too.
The truth is that the internet is a many-splendored place, full of weird and wonderful videos, written content and exciting products. As such, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd and drive serious traffic towards your website. With a gTLD you set yourself apart from your competition, and are able to show off your expertise both before and after the dot in your web address.
So what’s on offer?
We like to section off our gTLD flock into three categories:

  • Industry-specific domain names
  • Geographic domain names
  • Miscellaneous domain names

Of the categories, .design is perhaps the most popular industry-specific domain name, although many companies have also snapped up their .plumbing and .investments domains to identify with their customer base with added ease.
Geographic domains technically fall outside the program as these are country-code top level domains. That said, these have been released as part of the program and we’ve seen a few top the domain charts. .nyc is a popular choice, as businesses and individuals who live in and operate from the Big Apple naturally want to shout about their affiliation with the city that never sleeps.
There are stringent registration regulations in place for certain country-code top level domains unfortunately, and as such you can’t register a .nyc domain name if you’re not associated with the city. These regulations are put in place by the individual domain registrars, though, so there are others that have an open registration policy.
Perhaps our favorite category, the miscellaneous domain names are where the real fun can be had. There’s a whole host of web address endings which are so broad they could be applied to any website and work.
You can check out our full list of domain names complete with pricing guidelines by clicking here. Once you’ve found the perfect web address ending for you, visit our domain name search page to find out if yours is available.