What Is A Web Hosting Provider?

What you might be missing out on if you don’t have a professional and reliable web hosting provider.
In this digital age every successful business needs a web presence, but it can be difficult to jump into the technical world, and grasping the techno-jargon can be tough. If you have decided that you need a website then you have taken the first step, but what comes next? How does a business take the digital plunge?
Let Midphase help
There are two ways to create a website:

  1. You piggyback a larger website and hope that you are provided enough space and bandwidth to encourage traffic, or…
  2. Hire a professional web host to provide you the perfect domain, the space and bandwidth necessary to create an attractive and fully-functioning website that can handle anything that comes its way.

While many small businesses and individuals choose option one, we strongly encourage our clients to go with option two. To effectively create a professional and respectable brand, businesses need room to grow; rushed website jobs just don’t hit the mark. To achieve this, a professional web hosting package is essential.
What is web hosting?
Web hosting is the support needed for your website to appear live and available on the internet; your customers and readers need something tangible to view and interact with. Web hosting goes on behind the scenes: your website hosting company takes care of the gears and levers that get your website up and running – and keep it that way – meaning you deal with as little hassle as possible and focus on getting the word out about your brand.
When you purchase a web hosting package from Midphase you are really renting space on a computer at our data center – known as a server – either in whole or in part depending on your needs. With this storage space you will also get the processing power, bandwidth and strong network infrastructure which will power your site remotely. How much or how little is entirely up to you.
Web hosting comes in a variety of different packages depending on what is required of us. There are three main options that offer different characteristics to best suit your requirements. We will discuss these options below; if you have questions at any time feel free to contact us at Midphase.com/support:
Shared Hosting
This option is very popular for first time website owners and beginners. As its name suggests, shared hosting involves a server that is shared among a number of clients. This is the perfect solution for those who are looking for web hosting but don’t need the resources or expense of an entire dedicated server.
If you are in the beginning stages of your site or if you don’t expect a lot of traffic there’s a shared web hosting package for you. Be aware that as the space on the server is shared, so is the processing speed and bandwidth so if you are looking for excess speed or traffic it might be good to look towards dedicated servers to suit your needs.
VPS Hosting
VPS hosting, also known as cloud hosting, is designed to be scalable and flexible on demand. So in other words, this provides the services you need at a moment’s notice. This option is great for anyone who sees expansion or growth in their near future.
A great advantage of VPS hosting is that once you contact us with your order we can have your hosting package ready to go in no time at all. VPS hosting allows you to be in charge and lets you control how much processing power (CPU), storage (HDD) and memory (RAM) you have access to.   
This hosting option also offers greater redundancy than other options, meaning that should you encounter a hardware failure our redundancy features will take over before anyone notices that there was a problem. This ensures that you are kept up and running around the clock.
Dedicated Server Hosting
Unlike the above-mentioned hosting options, when requesting a dedicated server you reserve the right to – as the name suggests – the entire server.. This option is great for individuals and businesses who know that they will need more resources and space than VPS and shared hosting have to offer. Any website with high traffic or large databases will require a dedicated server hosting package.
Dedicated servers allow you to have ultimate control of control panels and operating systems to manage as you please. Be aware that beginners will most likely need some help getting their server up and running, as a dedicated server management can be pretty technical at times.

Midphase is dedicated to helping our clients create the digital presence needed to successfully interact through the internet. Our reputation of trust and knowledge has built up over the last two decades so we have become a powerhouse of web hosting potential. Really all that’s left for you to do is choose how we can best serve you.

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