How To Set Up A Website With Midphase: Part 1

You need a website and we’ve got you covered. This post covers each step necessary to get your new site up and running in no time at all.
Investing in a web presence is a crucial step for any business or individual ready to establish themselves on a local or global basis. It may seem like a major task to create a website, link it to social media and worry about search engine optimization (SEO), but don’t worry: Midphase has you covered from start to finish. We’ve got all the elements to build your site and get it online, and our blog is jam packed with helpful how-to guides and enlightening marketing posts; we can help you gain recognition and sales with our inexpensive and easy-to-use web hosting service.
Step 1: Domains
To get started, you will need to pick a domain name or web address. There are more options than we have time to list but you most likely have a pretty good idea as to what you would like your web address to be. If you are having trouble deciding on a .com domain, you might want to consider a generic top level domain, or gTLD, like .club, .site or .guru. These web address endings can help target your brand and also offer recognition perks as well as SEO benefits. Be sure to check out our latest domain deals on our offer page to save up to 80% on gTLDs.

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Once you have decided which domain you would like for your new website, visit to check availability. If that specific domain has already been purchased we will offer alternative domains that will also work well. It helps to keep domains short and to the point while explaining your brand or industry specifically.
Keep your options open and choose a domain that you are willing to devote time and energy to. After all it will become the center of your internet identity. You should register your domain with your web hosting package for a cheaper solution. If you are looking to purchase your domain from a registrar outside of your web host remember that most companies have restrictions on when you can transfer your domain, usually between 30 and 60 days.
Step 2: Web Hosting
Choosing a web hosting package is a fairly easy step in this process. Midphase provides three basic packages that vary from Personal Web Hosting – which offers a free domain, subdomain and unlimited emails – through to Business Web Hosting, which includes everything that a Personal Web Hosting package offers plus a dedicated IP Address, SSL certificate and unlimited websites and subdomains. Create an outline of what you hope your finished website will look like and plan according to the number of pages you think you will need. Consider adding domain privacy to your hosting package to avoid having your public information available on domain lookup databases.

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Once you have decided on a hosting package you can add the domain you have had your eye on or add an existing domain to build your site on. Check the availability of your domain name with our helpful search feature and add your available domain to your shopping cart. Next you will be asked to select the term or billing cycle of your web hosting and domain. Keep in mind that if you select the longer time frame you will have added bonuses of less hassle, cheaper prices, and the less likely chance that you will forget and let your domain registration lapse, which risks other domain registers grabbing your web address out from underneath you.
You will also notice that there is an offer for SiteLock services at the bottom of your shopping cart. SiteLock offers additional protection for businesses and individuals that deal with sensitive information, need added coverage in the event of a malware attack or are just looking for peace of mind at a low price.
Before completing your order you will need to provide personal information for billing and contact purposes. Be sure to include an email address that you check often so that we are able to notify you in the event of scheduled maintenance or other events concerning your web hosting experience.
You have now completed the first two steps necessary for creating your website. Stay connected with the Midphase blog for the next step in your journey as we explore the next step: choosing a content management system, or CMS. If at any time you have questions or concern about these steps please contact our expert support team at
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