SiteLock, your invisible shield.

Posted by Kelly Kirkham

Sitelock, the best choice for peace of mind and security.

Don’t leave your site vulnerable to attack, let SiteLock provide top security and peace of mind.

Cybercrime is increasing exponentially. Hackers develop new methods and viruses everyday. Major corporations are experiencing massive losses due to personal data theft, bot attacks, viruses, and hackers everyday. If big business is threatened then what about the little guys?

SiteLock can guard your site against Malware, Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection, as well as Search Engine Blacklists. SiteLock protects your site against all techniques used by hackers to redirect, steal, corrupt, and ultimately ruin your site’s reputation. Add SiteLock to any new or existing Midphase account and let them stand guard on the front lines of cyber threats to allow you more time to get back to business.

Automatically Prevents Attacks

SiteLock needs no input to identify and neutralize threats, leaving you with peace of mind and more time to focus on your business.

Boosts Customer Trust

Consumers are leaning more and more on credibility and trust before making purchases. With SiteLock’s Trust Seal your site will experience instant credibility and SEO boosts.

Starts Working Instantly

SiteLock’s SMART scan immediately evaluates your site to implement security protocols. No technical expertise is needed, one click and you’re covered.

Always On

Daily 360 degree scans identify any and all vulnerabilities to safeguard your site against threats. Night or day, SiteLock has you covered.

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