Finding Answers: How To Get Help For Your Website

Building a website can take its toll on your time, money, and create quite the headache if you don’t have the proper answers to any questions you may have. Whether you are trying to increase traffic or just move that image a little to the left, these types of issues can stop us in our tracks if we don’t find the support we need. Today we will cover how to find help when managing your website. Oftentimes, a helping hand can be found in places you wouldn’t normally consider.

Below you can see the top six places you should be searching out for your tough website questions:


It’s amazing what you can find on YouTube these days. Recently, website platforms have chosen to create helpful how-to videos to support customers. While you would normally look to video to find answers to formatting, styling, or database questions, you might actually be surprised at how much YouTube has to offer.


Software and platform creators have extensive collections of information available to help you search out solutions to your digital problems. For example, the Midphase knowledgebase covers everything from DNS to email, bandwidth to SEO. However, you may not be aware of the content available in the helpful database, or at least it may not come to mind when you experience difficulties.


Website forums are the hidden treasure of the internet. These platforms are based on user-generated content in the form of questions and answers. Believe me, if there is a question you have thought of, odds are that someone has asked it in a forum. Our favorites are Web Hosting Talk and Stack Overflow. Take each answer with a grain of salt. Each question is answered by “self-proclaimed experts” so you might want to follow up before taking anyone’s advice to heart.

Technical Support

For many online tools and services, technical support is often a phone call, email, or chat away. Midphase expert technicians are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to lend a helping hand. It may not occur to you to give a shout out to the technical staff of whichever product you are using, however, they are often much more available than you would originally think. Apple, Google, WordPress, and Website Builder have excellent support staff that is usually quick to respond when contacted.

Web Search

If you are experiencing a bump in the road on your digital journey, odds are that someone else has faced the same exact problem. Website admins will often create content about the troubles they face. Luckily for us,  they include the eventual solutions to help others in the same spot. You can access this content with a quick internet search if you can identify the keywords and phrases associated with the problem. As you search, include as much information as possible. We promise that the search engine doesn’t mind.

Paid Expert

When all else has failed and you cannot find the solution you desperately need, it may be time to call in an expert to help you get organized and online. When searching for an expert, remember that there are helpful freelancing websites that quickly connect you to the technical genius you are looking for. Try to avoid costly contracts, unless you feel that you need continued management or support. Usually, you can find the answers you require at a much lower hourly rate and solve the problem in a few emails or a quick chat.

Partner with Midphase for expert technical support that you can count on.