How To Monetize Your Website

Tired of your day job? Learn how you can make your website work for you!
We hear about unicorn companies with their billion dollar valuations, but what about the rest of us who are just looking for a little extra cash in our pockets from the website to which we have devoted blood, sweat and tears? We deserve a little something too, right?
We say: “Absolutely!”.
Websites make our world go round. From mega-sites like Amazon and Facebook to little sites that offer homemade crafts and terrific blogs, each is important to our digital quality of life. If you are one of the website owners in the world that contribute to our online bliss, then Midphase feels that you should be rewarded for your dedication.
Here are a few tips to help you get started:
There are many ways to make money from your existing website; below are some of our favorite methods. There are simple techniques for easily turning your site into a revenue generating machine. Beware though, as many people have mastered the art of online income with elaborate plans, but it pays to start small and work your way up to the big leagues.

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to monetize your website. By including an affiliate link readers can click through to another website to purchase goods or services that you will receive commission for. Affiliate marketing is low risk and takes very little work from the website owner. Commissions can be as little as a dollar and as much as a few hundred dollars depending on the business and product.
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Pay per click advertising is a time-tested method for generating cash a click at a time. Google’s Adsense has simplified this process for website owners for easy adaptation and use. The system is quite simple: website owners place a code on their site from Adsense to begin displaying relevant ads, and when your readers click the link you will then make a set amount of money.
For example, if you write a fashion blog then Google will place other fashion ads on your site. When your readers click the ad you will earn a set amount per click, usually anywhere between a fraction of a cent up to a few dollars. If you have a high volume of traffic, your site could potentially earn hundreds or thousands of dollars every month.

  • Selling Ad Space

Selling ad space is like renting a billboard out, all in all pretty straightforward. If you have space around the edges of your site then you can set a predetermined price for that space and make it available to advertisers. Rental cost will depend on your site’s traffic, but if you see a high number of visitors each month you could potentially rake in a pretty penny.

  • Accept Sponsored Posts/Articles

This option is popular among bloggers and publishers as the actions mimic what they do on any given day. If you run a blog that receives a large number of readers every month you will find that many advertisers will be interested in partnering with you.
Advertisers will either ask you to post articles that they have already written or contact you to write something based on a product or service that the company provides. For example, if we go back the the fashion blog idea, a company that sells cosmetics might ask you to review their latest product and write something about it for publication.

  • Generate Leads

This option is not directly tied to promoting or selling products to your site visitors, rather it is about gathering information about people that might be interested in the products and services that a company offers. For example, if you feature a site that publishes snowboarding videos, a company might ask you to generate leads for ski resort packages. By having your site visitors sign up for a newsletter you are also helping the ski resort find people interested in their vacation packages. It is a mutual business agreement that can keep your readers coming back to your site while helping another company spread the word about their products and services.
As always, be aware that there are certain risks website owners need to watch out for when conducting business online, especially when teaming up with other companies on your site. For this reason it is always recommended that you investigate each option that you are presented with, as well as familiarize yourself with what is acceptable internet practice and what could be considered spam. Learn more about safe and responsible internet practice with Google Webmaster Guidelines.  

To make money online you will first need a great website.

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