In Da .Club

Sales of .club hit 100,000 this week, making it one of the most popular new web address endings on the Web.

1 inventive web address ending
1 super rap star promotion
1 up and coming pop star ‘singing’ praises
2-5 dozen club events
Mix together and spread evenly across the globe. Let bake for 100 days and voila! You have a bestselling domain.
As of August 29, 2014, the new web address ending .club has hit the big time. Superstar rapper 50 Cent took part in the promotion and publicity for the event. And Demi Levato recorded a soundbite for the new web address saying ‘Demi Levato Dot Club’.

This is an enormous milestone for a newly-released web address ending. Just two other TLDs have registered more than 100,000 domains (.xyz and .berlin), but a portion of these registered domains were given away, rather than sold, making the .club record all the sweeter.
.clubs have been registered in all four corners of the globe – from China to Lebanon. Some sales were big enough to hit the headlines including;, which sold for for $20,000,, which was picked up for $5000, and, which cost its buyer $7500.
Most .club domains are available for under $15 a year, making registration very obtainable for the public. Although 100,000 are taken, there are still thousands of great .club addresses available.
As you might expect, and have already been registered, but there are thousands more still available. To find your ideal .club domain visit the Midphase website.