5 Ways To Simplify Your Marketing Strategy

Small business owners don’t have time for elaborate marketing campaigns, so here are a few tips to maximize your impact and free up your time.
Small businesses compete with large corporations every day, but they have to do this with smaller budgets, staff base, and time frames. With all these factors combined, running your own business and marketing it effectively can become overwhelming. Social media has allowed small businesses to evenly compete with major companies, but adhering to a strong marketing strategy can be time consuming. It doesn’t have to be.
Search engine optimization, social media and content marketing are big enough tasks to employ entire firms, but if you don’t have a team designated to these tasks there are some steps you can take to ease the stress and simplify your marketing strategy.
Below are five ways that you can slice and dice your marketing strategy to make it work for your small business and free up some of your time:

  1. Don’t get stuck in the numbers.

As technology grows, so do the small pieces of data you can harvest. Analytics are a necessary but time consuming endeavor that can become an obsession if you let it. Rather than get stuck measuring small percentages for signs of success, pick a few key point indicators and ignore the rest.
Remember that your data doesn’t account for all aspects of your business. Numbers cannot replace real life interactions with your clients, because after all, they know more about your small business from the public perspective than you ever will.   

  1. Pick your audience.

It’s hard to create and push marketing for a varied audience. By developing a specific audience that you are targeting you can develop stronger ties to their interests and motivations. Your content can then develop a tone of voice that appeals to those who you know will be reading or watching.
Free up your time by specifically tailoring marketing campaigns for the audience that best represents your customer base. Identifying your target audience can be achieved through surveys and social media research. If done correctly your small business can create content that is both interesting and informative for your established customers and potential customers alike.

  1. Embrace the web.

Many small business owners drag their feet when designing web marketing campaigns,  as the internet is often seen as a risk rather than a reward. By becoming familiar with the internet as a vital tool for your small business, you can not only free up more time but also attract more clients and traffic to your website.
There are a few critical steps that you need to take to ensure your success, including mobile optimization, direct links from your site to social media accounts and shareable, informative content published on a regular basis. By establishing these easy connections you can make the internet work for you rather than spending your time racing against competitor’s actions on the web.

  1. Take advantage of the tools available to you.

As a part of embracing the web (step 3) become familiar with the tools that are available to help you in your marketing efforts. Use a content reader like Feedly to follow blogs from the experts and what tools they have found and what works for their businesses. Tools like Google Analytics and Falcon Social can accomplish most of your research for you and all that will be left for you is the decision making.
We suggest following major blogs like Search Engine Land, Mozilla, and of course the Midphase blog to get started. Their tricks of the trade can help you free up time and receive additional traffic that you would otherwise miss.

  1. Only work when you have to.

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