Does My Small Business Need A Website?

The short answer: YES! Read on to find out exactly why…
As a small business owner, you might not think you need a website. In fact, I’m sure that you can think of at least one business that is doing perfectly fine without a website, which is great. But the secret that all website owners know is that the business you just thought of could be doing even better with an online presence.
Now you might say, “My business runs great without a website. Why complicate things?”. Here’s why:
Even if you rely on local word-of-mouth referrals for 90% of your business, you could still increase your client base with a website. This is true even if your company is small-scale and does business only in person. Finally, the number one reason is because of habit, thanks to a little device that you probably have in your pocket or purse right now.
Nearly two-thirds of Americans own smartphones that they use – almost constantly to access information. From these small screens people are able to look up anything at any time… well that is if the company they are looking for has a website. With a few clicks your business could show up in a search as the best candidate for the job – if you have a website as a point of contact.

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This reason alone should send you racing to the closest web hosting service provider (like us!) to sign up, but if you aren’t entirely convinced here are a few more great reasons to get an easy-to-build website today:

  1. Web hosting is cheap.

If you were to formulate a cost-benefit analysis comparing the cost of a website (as low as a few dollars a month) to the benefits you could gain from having an online presence the results would be astounding.

  1. Building a website is easy.

Midphase offers an easy-to-use website builder that can get your site up and promoting your business in no time flat. Our drag-and-drop format lets you design and publish with a few clicks while letting you decide exactly how you would like your site to look.

  1. You have information that the world needs.

If you have been running your small business successfully for any significant amount of time then your customers may look to you as an expert and seek out the information you have. By creating a platform to share your knowledge and experience you will not only help your business, but your site visitors as well.

  1. If you don’t, your competitor will.

The internet is not a secret and other small businesses already know the myriad benefits of a website. If your business doesn’t invest in a site to promote the work that you do so well, then your competitor will – you can guarantee it.
So if you have decided that your business needs a website but you’re not sure what to do next, read this series of blog posts that outline the steps needed from start to finish. If at any time you have questions or concerns visit to chat instantly with our expert technical support team who specialize in small business web hosting. We can walk you through the steps from buying a domain name to pressing publish; Midphase has got you covered.

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