Our Thank You Letter To The Internet

In the spirit of Jimmy Fallon, we present our letter of gratitude to the World Wide Web.
If you have ever seen The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon you will be familiar with his “thank you notes” to assorted items. If not, get caught up with one of my favorite internet tools: YouTube.
If you take a moment to think back to the days before the internet you will most likely remember fax machines, pagers, long commutes, shopping inside stores and the United States Post Office. However, thanks to the internet these important aspects of life that were once considered essentials are now completely optional.
So to show our gratitude, here is our thank you letter to the internet and all of the convenience and entertainment that it offers:
Dear Internet,
Since your creation in the early 1960s, you have given all of your networking capacities to serving internet users. By changing the way we do business in the world you have also created a commodity that we can no longer live without. From cat videos to memes we have completely utilized all of your talents including the ability to Facebook stalk our exes.
Yes, we might now have to worry about web security, spammers and hacking, but we also get the joy of social media, online dating, home offices and gaming. The internet has revolutionized the world that we live in and for this we, as a collective community, give thanks.
The internet users of the world.
In all seriousness, the internet really has transformed the world around us. The economic boost that the internet has provided alone is enough to build cities and employ the masses. As Bill Gates once said: “The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.”. Today’s global village is connected in a way that would have never been possible before.   
The world now trades information as a currency and the internet performs the same role as the trade routes of ancient times. Lives are lived at the high speed of ethernet connections, while everyday tasks are automated, freeing up the world’s most limited commodity: time.
As the human race continues to progress, the World Wide Web facilitates its own natural laws and languages. The internet, like the Force, can be used for good or evil as problems of old such as harassment and bullying now occur at the speed of light; big data has become the monetary basis for major business decisions and humanitarian effort unifies the globe as one workforce to help the suffering.
The world is now connected, and while the internet is still relatively new we are all learning the ethics, morals and etiquette together as we hurtle towards the future. We aren’t quite sure what the future of the internet will look like, but all routes point to the Internet of Things becoming a major part of our future lives, propelling us towards a fully connected world.
Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, explains this idea in this TED Talk where he says that “Data is about our lives. You log on to your social networking site, your favorite one, you say, ‘This is my friend’. Bing! Relationship. Data. You say, this photograph, it depicts this person. Bing! That’s data. Data, data, data.”.
Data will become the path to developments in the world in the future thanks to Tim Berners-Lee and the internet. This data could end wars, cure cancer and make the world a better place if utilized correctly.
Along with the wheel and the first printing press, the internet has become the next revolutionary creation that will forever change the path of every life on this Earth, but the real question is, what will we do with it next?

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