Why Wouldn't your Business Need a Website?

At Midphase, we take all the guesswork out of building a website and put the power to build your company’s perfect site into your hands, all with just a few clicks.
Still trying to decide if your business even needs a website in the first place? We think it does, and here are seven of our best reasons why:

  1. Global Reach

There are almost 3.5 billion internet users in the world, an estimated 40% of the global population. When you have a business website, you are connecting to this global population and allowing this massive portion of the world to find out all about your business, not to mention to potentially become a customer.

  1. Low Cost

Entrepreneurs have plenty of considerations when starting their business, and the most prominent tends to be money. Building your business website should not only be as easy as 1-2-3, it should also be affordable. Midphase puts a business website within reach with a variety of pricing plans; right now you can get started for as low as $1/month for the first year. See how easy Midphase makes building a website here.

  1. One Stop Marketing Shop

With a website for your business, you have all the resources your customers need in one place, and you can also employ a host of online marketing techniques to drive traffic to your site. That way you will increase your presence in the online marketplace and grow your business with each and every click.

  1. Put Your Best Face Forward

More and more, consumers are using the internet as their first point of reference when they research a company. The better your business website is, the more credibility you will gain from your customers, and the greater your chances of securing a new sale will be. When customers see your well-produced site, they will automatically have more confidence in doing business with you. With a myriad of templates available with Midphase’s website builder, you can be sure your company always puts its best face forward.

  1. Open Around The Clock

The internet does not open at 9:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m. Your website is always online, always available, and always ready to engage with your customers. It’s an all-in-one marketing, advertising, and customer service platform that never sleeps!

  1. Customer Service

By documenting all of your customer service interactions with your website, you can track and stay on top of any issues that come up, as well as prevent them from happening again. You can also make a record of all the times your customers compliment you on how great your Midphase website looks. Watch out, though, you’ll need a big folder for that.

  1. It’s Easy!

Does the thought of putting together a website give you heart palpitations? Are you scared of techy acronyms like HTML and SSL? Fear no more, Midphase makes building a website easier than ever. With its three-step website builder and drag and drop technology, your business will be online before you can say, “Midphase makes my megabytes magnificent.”
Don’t believe us? Go to Midphase.com so we can prove you wrong. Those three steps to building your website couldn’t be shorter or sweeter:

  1. Choose a template. We have over 100 to choose from, and they were all designed by top-quality professionals. All you need to do is choose your favorite before you give it your own personal touch.
  1. Add content. Here you can use your company logo, written content, photos, or anything else that tells your brand’s story. We make this step a piece of cake with drag and drop technology. With just a few clicks you’ll be on your way to online glory.
  1. Publish website. We saved the easiest step for last. Once you’ve selected a template and decked it out in your cool company style, just click Publish and your website is officially out there for the world to enjoy. We’ve got all your bases covered – domain name and web hosting are included with all of our packages.

Not taking advantage of Midphase’s streamlined process would be a crime.

So don’t go to a virtual prison of shame, get your business online today!