5 Reasons To Build Your Business Website With Website Builder

If you are taking the plunge into online business, Midphase are here to make that task as easy possible for you!
Building your own website can be intimidating, but with some expert help from us it need not be so daunting! Our easy-to-use Website Builder can get your business website up and running in no time. After purchasing a domain name and web hosting from Midphase, you can easily add Website Builder to your account through your CHI account.
Our Website Builder makes creating the perfect website easy, saving you both time and money. You could of course hire someone else to build it, but why waste money when you can build it yourself? Simply drag and drop the images and text you want to appear on your site and before you know it your website is published for the whole world to see!

Learn more about Website Builder from Midphase at Midphase.com/website-builder/

For those who still aren’t convinced that setting out into the world of web design is a good idea, here are five reasons to build your site with Website Builder from Midphase:
01. Automatic Optimization
Optimizing your website allows site visitors to view a clean-cut and organized version of your site from any device or screen size. Website Builder automatically makes your site responsive the second you press ‘publish’ – no additional work is required. Not only will your site visitors be pleased as they will be able to view it across many different devices, but search engines will also rejoice and reward you with a higher search engine response page listing (SERP).  

  1. Free Templates

With our Website Builder your themes and templates come free of charge! Once added your your account, you will have access to hundreds of themes and templates to help you create a fully-functioning, professional website. We offer professional e-commerce sites complete from shopping cart to secure Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This additional security allows your customers to shop with confidence knowing that their safety is your priority.   

  1. No Coding

Midphase prides itself on our no-jargon guarantee. This means that you don’t have to learn techie-speak to create beautiful websites. No HTML, no CSS, no coding knowledge required whatsoever! From e-commerce to blogging platforms, we can help you get the site you need without hours of searching for definitions or communication frustrations. Our jargon-free control panel has everything you need in one place.

  1. Fully Customizable

Do you have an aversion to purple? Are you sick of the site you made last month? No problem! With Website Builder from Midphase you have the power to make changes whenever you want, however you want. Easily add widgets to get the word out about your new site on all your favorite social media sites, and a helpful map can bring new clients directly to your door. You hold the keys to your site, as you should, because after all it was made by YOU!

  1. It’s Cheap!

Why hire an entire team of developers when you can do all the work yourself? Because, with a little help from us, you can do it yourself! Save thousands of dollars by avoiding hiring outside professionals and expensive classes learning how to code. Let us take care of all of the hassle and you worry about the important part: your business!  

Build your professional business website today at Midphase.com!