Does Your Business Website Work for You?

Optimizing your website to work exactly the way you want it to is important for all businesses.
If we were to tell you that it is essential in today’s market to have a website for your business, it wouldn’t be anything you didn’t already know. But it’s not just about your business having a website, but having a site that works. Check out our advice below and make sure that your site is optimized to the highest degree.
Use a good quality website builder
We don’t mean to toot our own horn here, but Midphase’s Online Store Builder has everything you need to build a great business website. With hundreds of stunning templates and inbuilt mobile optimization, Online Store Builder has all the tools to maximize every part of your website: your aesthetic design will be rockin’, your SEO will be rollin’, and visitors will be comin’ to your site all night long! As my mother-in-law says, if you go cheap, you go twice. Don’t use a budget website building tool or you may end up with a dud; invest in your company’s website and you will see fruitful returns.
Get a great domain name
You took time to carefully choose the best name for your business, so don’t rush through choosing your business website address. Take the time to choose the best domain name for your business website. First and foremost, make sure at least part of your business name is in the address – no company inside jokes or hard-to-follow connections. If your business name is a mouthful, you can shorten it – just make sure it’s relevant and that customers will still be able to recognize you. Lastly, make it memorable: the easier it is for customers to recall, the faster they’ll be able to type it in the address bar when they revisit your site (which you hope they will!).
Be original
Scope out your competition and have a look at what is the standard in your industry – and then do something totally different. Check out your top five competitors’ sites, paying attention to everything from color scheme and font to layout and site maps. Notice any common pieces? You are hereby forbidden to use those in your site. When you find inspiration, go with it, and think outside the box. You already know that your business is way better than all the others, so let your website show that!
Don’t be like downtown New York City
If you’ve been to New York City, you probably know that most of the streets in Manhattan are on a numbered grid system, making it easy as pie to get around. But once you get to SoHo and travel south, all the 90 degree angles disappear and strange street names – with letters! – appear on the street signs. And lemme tell you, it then becomes easy as pie to get lost. Keep your website navigation easy. You may feel like you’re bombarding visitors with the same links on many of your pages, but if they can’t get to the checkout from every single page then it will be harder for them to buy. Design an idiot-proof customer journey, highlighting the most important stuff along the way.
Simplify your checkout
Remember when I said you should have a link to your checkout listed on multiple pages? There is another part to that: your checkout has to be easy to use. It’s no use funneling your customers to the checkout if they can’t figure out how to use it once they get there. Making a purchase should be the easiest thing to do on your website.

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