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What are Midphase MX records

If you have DNS control with another provider and need to update your MX records you will need to use the following records:  
MX Records

  1. Priority - 10
  2. Host – Your domain (IE test
  3. Goes to –
  4. TTL – 1 minute 

TXT Records 

  1. Name – Your domain (ie
  2. Value - v=spf1 a mx –all 
  3. TTL – 1 Minute 

Please allow up to 30 minutes for these changes to take affect even when setting your TTL as low as 1 minute.  

If you cannot see how to update your MX record at your current DNS provider, please reach out to their support team and provide the records and they will be able to assist in updating these for you.  

If you have DNS with us and are unsure how to update these records, please see the following link:  

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