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What are the limits on the StackCP mail platform?

The StackCP mail platform has several limits in place in order to protect the reputation of the mail platform and prevent large quantities of spam emails being sent.

New Mailbox Limit

When a new mailbox has been set up, the sending is limited to 50 per day for 7 days. This is a common practise to prevent new mailboxes being set up and used immediately to send out high volumes of spam emails. To preserve the platforms reputation and protect mail being sent from being spoofed as spam by third parties this rule was put place to protect that status.

Sending mail using Mailboxes
After the mailbox is older than 7 days, it will be able to send a maximum of  8,000 messages per e-mail address per 24 hours.

The following limits are also applicable:

  • a maximum of 10,000 recipients per 24hrs.
  • a maximum of 2,000 unique recipients per 24hrs.
  • A single email may not be sent to more than 100 individual addresses.
  • our webmail system accepts attachments up to 32MB in size, and the maximum message size on the network is 50MB.


An autoresponder only sends once every 8 hours per sender.

Sending mail using Web servers
A limit of 500 messages per day is imposed on all e-mail sent by our web servers. This applies to all messages sent via the PHP mail() function. The total email size should not exceed 5MB in size.

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