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How to set up StackCP Email in Mail for Mac

This section will detail how to set up the StackCP email address on Apple Mail on a Mac computer.  The Stackcp email uses the Auto-discover feature and below are the steps to help guide you through the setup process.

Open the “Mail” app.

2. In the toolbar click “Mail” and then “Add Account”.

3. Click “Add Other Mail Account…” and then “Continue”.

4. Enter your name, email and password in the spaces allotted. Click the “Sign In” button.

The application will try to fetch the settings automatically after you click “Sign In” button. If it fails, you may see a screen like the one below.

5. If the application cannot retrieve the settings automatically, enter them manually as follows.
Enter the account’s Email Address. This will match the full email address.
Enter the account’s User Name. This will match the full email address.
Under “Account Type” select “IMAP” or “POP”, depending on your needs.
For the Incoming Mail Server enter: (or
For the Outgoing Mail Server enter:
Click “Sign In”.

6. Select the apps to use for the email account and click “Done”.

7. The email account will set up and take you to the “Account Information” page or the email inbox.
If the “Account Information” page does not load, click “Mail” from the toolbar and choose “Preferences”.
The menu on the left shows email accounts. Double-check the correct email account is selected.
You can enter a description of your choice in the “Description” box. In this example, we entered “My Email Account”.

8. Select the “Server Settings” tab. Double-check that the information entered is correct.

Incoming Mail Server Settings:
 Turn OFF “Automatically manage connection settings”
 Port: 993 with “Use TLS/SSL” enabled
 Authentication:  Password

Outgoing Mail Server Settings:
 Turn OFF “Automatically manage connection settings”
 Port: 465 with “Use TLS/SSL” enabled
 Authentication:  Password

After checking the information entered and making any necessary changes, close the window by pressing the red dot in the upper left corner. The application will ask you whether to save the changes before closing the window.

Click the “Save” button.

That will complete the addition of the email address into the Mac Mail program and you can then test the email address by sending and receiving emails to it.

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