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How to update my MX record

This article will help you update your MX record if your domain DNS control is with us currently. If your DNS is controlled elsewhere, please see the following article:


You can update your MX record within your Customer control panel. To do this first log into your account and use the following link to be taken to the Domain Overview page: 

From here you can select the White Manage button next to the domain you need to update.  


This will take you to the mange domain page where you can click on the ‘Manage DNS Configuration’ button under the ‘DNS - Domain Name System’ heading. This will take you to the page where you can edit your DNS records for your domain.  


Please scroll down to the MX record and add/Edit the record to be the following:  

  1. Priority - 10
  2. Host - Your domain (IE test 
  3. Goes to - 
  4. TTL - 1 minute 

Please also add or edit the current SPF record located under the TXT records to the following:  

  1. Name - Your domain (ie
  2. Value - v=spf1 a mxall 
  3. TTL - 1 Minute 

When save these should look as follows (Your domain name should replace our test domain): 




TXT Records 


Please allow around 30 minutes for these to fully update even when the TTL is set as one minute. 

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