The Midphase Awards

There is a span of a few months every year when we all get a little award hungry, and Midphase is no exception. So without further ado, the Midphase awards go to…
Golden Globes, Webbies and Darwins alike, it is plain to see that we love awards. We have been counting down the days until it’s time to get out our designer gowns and teeth whitener to strut our stuff on the red carpet. But since we couldn’t get tickets to The Oscars, we decided to have our own award ceremony to show off this year’s best and brightest in the world of web hosting.
We chose to commend six different categories with an honorable mention or two as a way to celebrate this past year with Midphase. From Best New Tech to Best Humanitarian Project, Midphase has had a great year. There’s no better way to celebrate than with a golden trophy and a few teary ‘thank yous’.
(We don’t really have golden trophies, but the tears are real).
Without further ado, our winners are…
Drum roll please…
Best Advice: 10 Tricks for Microsoft Word
From Shift + F3 to Control + Q, Microsoft Word just got a little bit easier to use. And who doesn’t need a little help from friends here and there? This year’s best advice is awarded to the 10 Tricks for Microsoft Word. It’s no ‘Dear Abby’ but from the view from our desks we prefer 10 Tricks any day.
Best Domain: .Club
With hundreds of new generic top level domains released in 2014, there was one web address ending that really caught our eye. This year .Club started at the bottom and almost got to the top, reaching second in new domain registrations. Not to mention, .Club really knows how to party! This just goes to show that .Club really has what it takes to be a celebrity domain.
*Honorable mention: .ninja
We would also like to present an honorable mention to .Ninja. Unlike .Club’s year in the spotlight, .Ninja has been lurking in the shadows but has packed a giant punch in the world of domains. Congratulations .Ninja!
Best New Tech: Intel Compute Stick
From the stage of the Consumer Electronic Show we would like to present our Best New Tech award to the Intel Compute Stick. Although he may be small, we guarantee that this newcomer is going to be a game-changer.
Best Team Player: Jeff Hunsaker
This year’s Best Team Player award goes to our very own Chief Services Officer, Jeff Hunsaker. Jeff sat down with us earlier last year to share his personal experiences as a Utah State University graduate, football player and web hosting extraordinaire. Congratulations Jeff!
Hardest Challenge: Facebook Hiatus
More grueling than the trek we took to the top of Mount Everest and darker than our dive to the depths of the sea, these thirty days without Facebook have proved to be one of the hardest endeavours that Midphase has seen all year. But never fear! We will persevere until February 1st! Keep up the good work!
Best Humanitarian Project: STEAM
Science, technology, engineering, arts and math have never looked so good! This year’s Best Humanitarian Project award goes to STEAM, Cody Erekson and the Raspberry Pi foundation for the great work they have done educating local school children in the wise ways of technology.

Have your own favorite contender for this year’s awards? Let us know @Midphase