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We sat down with Jeff to hear about his experience with USU and why supporting this local school is important to our international business.

By stepping into the Logan, Utah office of UK2 Group (the parent company of Midphase) you automatically become a Utah State University (USU) fan by proxy. This is largely down to our Chief Services Officer, Jeff Hunsaker.

As a student at USU and an employee of UK2 Group, I was pleased to see the support offered to my school from my workplace. At UK2 Group’s Logan office you will see many more cars in the parking lot with USU parking passes than without.

I looked into the reasons behind the outward support and the answer was: Jeff Hunsaker and  other members of the senior management team. If you step into Jeff’s office, his allegiance to his alma mater is written on the walls with helmets, footballs, jerseys, and banners.

At USU athletic events you can often see a UK2 Group brand ad hanging proudly above the field. There is no question as to who we cheer for during collegiate sports, Go Aggies, Go Aggies, Hey, Hey, Hey!  

Just the Facts:


Jeff moved to Logan at a very young age where he participated in local sports at Logan High School. Jeff was later offered an athletic scholarship from USU. He graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business with a Finance emphasis and minors in Economics and Spanish.

While attending USU, Jeff played defensive end for the Aggies, earning him much recognition throughout his collegiate football career.  As Jeff’s alma mater, Utah State University holds a certain place in his heart, but the USU roots grow much deeper than a degree and football experience.

Jeff, as well as others at UK2 Group, support Utah State University personally and professionally. Various members of our senior management team participate in many university events, including mentoring and career counseling with the Huntsman School of Business, Career Fairs, internships, as well as sponsoring Aggie Football and Basketball.

Family Ties:

Jeff’s allegiance to Utah State runs deeper than community: it is in his blood. Jeff’s family hosts three generations of Aggie true blue blood. Jeff’s maternal grandfather, Elmer “Bear” Ward, was the first Consensus All-American in Football for USU in the 1930’s, and was later drafted by the Detroit Lions where he won a world championship.

Both of Jeff’s parents graduated from USU and later worked as faculty members.  Jeff’s father, Fred Hunsaker, worked as the University’s Vice President of Finance for 18 years. Jeff’s mother, Sharon Ward Hunsaker, received a master’s degree in Education at USU, and later returned as an advisor to elementary education student teachers.  unnamed (2)

Jeff’s brother and sister followed the family tradition in attending and graduating from Utah State University. Jeff played alongside his brother, Brian, on the field at USU where they both were offered athletic scholarships. It is sufficient to say that around USU campus Jeff’s family is seen as sort of a big deal. Jeff’s grandfather’s jersey is one of two to be retired as a legacy for the team. It can be seen hanging over the field as a reminder of the legacy Jeff’s family has created.


Jeff received many honors while at USU, including Man of the Year in 1989, Wayne Estes Award Recipient, Robins Award Winner, and the Joe E Whitesides award. He was selected as PCAA Scholar/Athlete of the year in 1988 and Big West Scholar/Athlete of the year in 1989, among many other recognitions and awards. More than the awards and trophies, Jeff values his experience on the line with his brother Brian, and says that some of his greatest memories were created together.

If you ask Jeff why sports are important, he will explain that the lessons learned on the field outweigh the tackles, sacks and touchdowns. The essence of team sports will shape men and women and prepare them to succeed in the work place. “Football and sports in general are about teamwork, trust, and working hard. These qualities can help any individual in any situation, and sports can provide the basis of these important character forming behaviors.”

USU living:

While at Utah State, Jeff learned the basics of what he calls “great life principles” that he has carried with him into the business world, and which he instills into his UK2 Group employees. Jeff mentions that the most important lessons he learned were to be a good coach and to stay coachable throughout one’s career. He says, “The willingness to be teachable can open many doors that would ordinarily stay closed.”

Jeff recently hosted a group of Huntsman School of Business Scholars on a trip to our London office. The scholars treated our UK office to a live performance of Utah State University’s school song called, “The Scotsman”, a song that is normally sung at most Aggie sporting events.


Show me the Scotsman who doesn’t love the thistle.unnamed (3)

Show me the Englishman who doesn’t love the rose.

Show me the true blooded Aggie from Utah

Who doesn’t love the spot . . .

Where the sagebrush grows!


Side Note: In my research surrounding USU and “The Scotsman”, I learned that my great-great uncle (Ebenezer Kirkham) wrote the song while he taught choir at USU. I was surprised to find that I also had family ties to Utah State University. Who knew!

Giving Back:

Jeff’s focus in the Logan office is to instil a sense of community throughout our town and workplace. By supporting Utah State University, UK2 Group can create a hometown brand that helps our company recruit the very best that USU has to offer. A majority of our employees have ties or are currently attending USU, and by supporting the university we create a relationship with the next generation of UK2 Group employees.

Jeff explains that, “ Our ties with USU is an expression of gratitude for the success that I, and others, have gained from their experiences at Utah State. There is something to be said about helping and supporting others.  When we give our time, talents and money to great organizations and people, we often receive wonderful support and success in return. As they say, what goes around, comes around. If we can have a presence at the university and get one great employee as a return, it was well worth the time, money, and effort.”

In our office and others around the world, Jeff makes it clear that business is about people. Employees and clients alike are what make our company run, and without the personal connection we receive through each and every one, we couldn’t provide the spectacular products and services that we do.

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