Take Advantage Of Your Small Business Perks

Running a small business isn’t always easy, make sure you’re taking advantage of all the perks available to small business owners?
Large companies seem to get all the attention, but in reality small business owners have many opportunities that large companies can miss out on. Sure, the bigger budgets that big businesses have access to would be great – not to mention the designated teams for tasks that would normally fall on the owner – but there’s exclusive benefits to running a small business too.
If you stop to think about the perks that apply only to small businesses,  you might be grateful for your small office and large responsibilities. That is specifically why we have listed below a few perks that only apply to small businesses, for those times when a cubicle and a regular paycheck sound good:

  • Personal relationships with clients:

Not every business has the chance to personally engage with their clients on a daily basis. Most large corporations have call centers to interact with their customers, and by doing so they miss out on the valuable insight into customers that can be gained through a direct conversation. Some days you might wish that you had a room full of people to assist with your responses, but in truth the ability to develop relationships with the individuals that keep your doors open can be seen as a privilege.

  • A family-like office atmosphere:

Many small businesses offer a family-like comfort within their operations; in fact many of them are actually family. It may not always seem like a good thing to have strong relationships with employees, but it actually offers an intimacy and motivation that big businesses pay a ton of money for. Take advantage of the strength of a small business team: they will work harder and better than anything money could buy.

  • Community involvement:

Small businesses sometimes rely heavily on the communities that they are situated in. Depending on the business, the local environment sometimes supports a business until they have the resources necessary to develop a national brand. This is a major perk of small businesses due to the support in initial stages as well as the opportunity to give back to that same community when established. Charitable involvement can build a brand’s reputation while also consolidating itself in the market; this is precisely why any small business should make an effort to get involved and give back.

  • Decision making power:   

Owning a small business can be overwhelming as there is a lot of pressure to make the right choice at a moment’s notice. Really though, this should be seen as an awesome small business perk. Small business owners often forget how frustrating it is when someone else is making that decision for you, or sometimes not even getting round to making it at all. Like the famous Jedi, Yoda, once said “with great power comes great responsibility”, and having the power to control the future of a small business is a beautiful thing.  

  • An up-to-date website that reflects your achievement:

Current technologies make it easy for small businesses to keep a visually appealing website that is fully functional and up to date. With the help of a great web host (like Midphase) and a content management system like WordPress, your fully functional website can be up and running in almost no time and with very little money. Compared to the IT requirements of big businesses, managing your own online presence is a major perk.
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