Midphase Introduces Premium WordPress Web Hosting

We’ve been experts in all things WordPress since the website began, and now you can benefit from our expertise with Premium WordPress Hosting.
Twelve years ago we were introduced to a phenomenon that would simplify website administration for ever. Since its launch, WordPress has taken the world by storm as an open-source solution for anyone and everyone to build their online presence. Indeed, it is estimated that 60 million websites around the world are supported by WordPress.

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WordPress acts as a complete website toolkit and includes over 30,000 widgets, which are additional plugins that perform specific tasks such as blocking spam or boosting search engine optimization (SEO). After ten years of helping clients create amazing WordPress sites, Midphase has decided to make creating WordPress sites easier, faster and provide more options for our clients.
What is Premium WordPress Web Hosting?
When creating a WordPress website there are two options available:
The first option is to borrow free space from WordPress.com and create a small (often one-page) site through their site. This option will almost always run into trouble if the website owner ever receives high-volume traffic or decides to expand.
The second option is perfect if you are looking to establish a professional website, but you will need the help of a web host like Midphase.com. A web host will provide you with space on a server to download WordPress to enable full control, better bandwidth and optimum speed. Rather than sharing resources with the thousands of other WordPress clients on WordPress.com, your server will be fully optimized to work for YOU! This second option comes highly recommended for individuals and businesses that are looking to create professional and reliable websites.
Each Premium WordPress Hosting package from Midphase will include:

  • Access to templates free of charge, which are usually priced between $30 and $79.
  • Servers dedicated to WordPress optimization, all of which are configured by our hosting experts.
  • Intelligent hosting using the latest SSD and CloudFlare CDN technologies
  • 24×7 technical support contacts, for any questions or comments you might have.
  • Hundreds of tutorials especially created for our WordPress clients.
  • Automatic Malware detection and reactionary removal

Because WordPress is an open-source system there are thousands of updates, plugins and widgets that may pose some risks to your online presence. Unlike licenced software companies like Microsoft, WordPress versions are not beta tested and sometimes include bugs that need to be patched. For someone who considers themselves to be somewhat of a technical expert, this would be a small hiccup, but for those who specialize in other fields, you may want to call in an expert.
Our WordPress hosting package offers just that! Rather than scouring WordPress forums for solutions to your problems, we can ensure that your site runs smoothly and lets you tend to other important areas, like your business! The Midphase support team are on hand via phone, live chat and ticket 24/7/365 so you will have the guidance of WordPress experts on demand. Unsure on how to contact our support team? Check out this blog post.
Oh and did we mention that it’s fast?  
Each Premium WordPress Hosting package will be configured on a dedicated WordPress server featuring Cloudflare supercharging and Apache specially optimized for dedicated WordPress environments for high performance and low memory usage. Even creating multiple sites is easier with Midphase; we can help you set up multiple logins for varying levels of access while a top-tier administrator login can oversee all incorporated sites.
Don’t let managing websites run your life. We have solutions to free up your time without draining your pocketbook with Midphase’s comprehensive WordPress web hosting. To learn more or to chat with a sales representative about getting started, visit Midphase.com/support

If you are looking for speed, control and an amazing price then look no further than Midphase.com