6 Reasons Webmasters Love WordPress

Webmasters Love WordPress
One of the easiest-to-use and most powerful blogging platforms on the market is WordPress; the self hosted version, a favorite tool used by small businesses on our Linux server platforms.
“At 49%, WordPress is clearly the dominating blogging platform as well as of growing importance as a more generic CMS,” said Josh Jackson of IDC News Service.
Webmasters love WordPress over other blogging platforms for several reasons, including:

Its Affordability
Price is always critical for startups and small businesses. Any aspiring blogger can share his hobbies or expertise using a blog, which is free on all shared and dedicated servers at Midphase.
User-friendly Interface For Beginners
New users will love the overall simplicity built into the WordPress platform. It’s very easy to use with an elegant point and click interface. Joomla, on the other hand, tends to have a heavier set of features, which is more useful to advanced developers, but has a larger learning curve.
Open Source Platform
WordPress is an open-source platform, which means your cPanel comes loaded with a bevy of Linux-friendly tools including FTP, SSL, e-commerce tools and reputation for loading quickly on our affordable web servers.
Automated Software
You don’t need to learn detailed programming languages and scripts.  WordPress is an automated CMS designed with the end user in mind. This includes the ability add backup plugins or submit sitemaps to Google automatically.
Theme Options
Whether it’s a photo or food blog; you will find free and premium themes to meet your creative requirements.
Optimized for SEO
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) hooks built into WordPress make your website Google-friendly.  Onsite and offsite optimization are made much easier with a range of inbuilt SEO devices including tags and tag clouds.
Support and Forums
Webmasters can participate in forums and support groups when seeking additional technical info. They can communicate and share their issues with other developers and like-minded people. You can even Google the answer to any WordPress-related issue.
Finally, WordPress is constantly improving and reinventing itself.
“In just three short months, we’ve already made a few hundred changes to improve your WordPress experience,” said WordPress “The biggest thing we’ve been working on is overhauling the media experience from the ground up. We’ve made it all fair game: How you upload photos, arrange galleries, insert images into posts, and more.”
“It’s still rough around the edges and some pieces are missing — which means now is the perfect time to test it out, report issues, and help shape our headline feature.”