How To Register Multiple Domains At The Same Time

There are situations where registering a single domain name isn’t enough. A new company might need to register domains across several brand names or subdivisions, rather than relying on second level domains like They might also wish to prevent rivals acquiring top level domains with the same primary domain name – an example would be if found an unrelated competitor occupying the domain. Perhaps they simply want to avoid confusion – directing people who mistakenly try and visit to the main website.
In these circumstances, it’s useful to know how to register domains in small batches. Fortunately, it’s a straightforward process if you use a platform like Midphase. We are authorized resellers of domain names across hundreds of TLDs, from the obvious (.com, .net) to the obscure (.red, .link). You can check the availability of a domain name across the full spectrum of TLDs by typing it into the Search bar on our homepage and scrolling through the various permutations.

If you want to register domains in bulk, there are two methods:

  1. Select all your domains and make a batch purchase. This is the best option if every domain has the same requirements in terms of ownership period, etc. Everything is acquired in a single transaction, creating a solitary debit on your balance sheet.
  2. Purchase and register domains one at a time. Individual purchases are better if you’d like to add different features to specific websites – for example, you maybe add a Site Builder for one and the others will merely be 301 redirects to the primary website.

Registering domains separately might seem less efficient, but it enables you to customize each purchase. Perhaps you’d like to host one site for a longer period of time than another – we sell domains for anywhere between one and nine years. Maybe a particular domain name requires web hosting or even domain privacy – where its owner’s details are cloaked on the global WHOIS ownership database.
There’s no limit on how many domain names any person or company can register (or own) at any given time. With over a thousand TLDs to choose from, ownership potential is limited only by financial and time constraints. And because domains aren’t lifelong acquisitions, you can easily choose not to renew domains that aren’t receiving sufficient traffic levels or generating a respectable return on investment.

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