Announcing Midphase’s 8th Generation Website Builder!

In our efforts to be a customer-satisfying one stop shop, four years ago Midphase added Website Builder to our arsenal of tools created to help you get online easily and efficiently. We are excited to announce that not only will we continue this tradition, but we have expanded our Website Builder kit with new tools and features.
For those who love our drag-and-drop editor and pre-designed templates, you will go wild when you see what we have in store for you. Creating a website to pair up with your newly purchased domain name has never been so easy.

Website Builder V8

Having the ability to purchase a domain, lease web hosting, and design a website in the same place is very important to Midphase clients. This is why we are always looking for ways to expand our services and provide the best available design technologies. With each generation of Website Builder, processes become more streamlined and attributes are further enhanced for ultimate usage. However, we are excited to tell you that this particular version has some features that are really special…

Optimization Plus

Our previous version of Website Builder offered instant mobile optimization, which is pretty crucial for today’s website visitors. But this version offers this and so much more. Website Builder V8 contains 180+ stunning and responsive themes to get you on the screens of phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops in record speed. Did we mention that your search engine rankings will also see a boost once your site embraces optimization? Complying with mobile-first recommendations will help you get your website to the top.

Interface Boosted

While our interfaces have always been streamlined, the new Website Builder V8 goes one step further. It is now easier than ever to add photos, text, maps, and more to your website. Whether you are uploading a slideshow or ecommerce functionality, our interface will help you achieve your goal just the way you want. This means that your website will be focused and functional with none of the stress. A new pop-out sidebar lets you customize everything from colors to buttons while easily relocating elements around the page.

Truly Responsive

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new True Responsive editor, which functions on desktop, tablet, and mobile. It allows you to use Siri or Google Now to dictate copy straight to your website. No longer will you lose the great idea that comes to you when you don’t have a pen or time to stop and write it down. If you ever feel like your thoughts are faster than your fingers, then this feature is for you. Our True Responsive editor also allows the seasoned developers and designers to have complete control over CSS for fine-tuning. If fully customized websites are your thing, you are in the right place.

We have covered just a few of the exciting new features included in Website Builder V8. For example, Midphase has introduced SSL Support*, an important part of any website that deals with sensitive information. Once you have had a chance to explore further, you will notice our other new additions, all of which are necessary to foster a fun, frustration-free website-building experience. You will have a complete website on the web so quickly that you’ll want to try again. Or at least continue playing with the one you’ve got…
Take a look at the exciting new features today. You won’t know how amazing it is until you try it.
*Note: SSL Support is only included within Business, Business Unlimited, and Ecommerce packages. To talk to someone about an upgrade please visit today.