A Guide to Midphase Technical Support

Midphase technical support has your back around the clock, but how do you effectively resolve your problem with minimal hassle?
Just like everything else in the world, there are tips and tricks that can help you resolve technical problems quickly and easily. Here at Midphase, we offer our clients the ultimate in technical support, available around the clock for whenever you need a helping hand.
Unfortunately, in the world of technology things can go wrong. We understand that your uptime is important; we work on the internet too! Below is our how-to guide to help you and our techs work through problems quickly and efficiently for a win-win situation.
First stop: get to know our Knowledgebase
So what if you don’t actually have a problem, just a question? Well, we have the answers for you! Our Knowledgebase is your first port of call when tapping into our infinite hosting wisdom. Hundreds of articles have been compiled, helping you out with every topic from domain transfers to installing WordPress.
You can access our Knowledgebase by visiting Midphase.com/support. Use the search bar to find the answer to a specific question or browse by category.
Can’t find what you’re looking for? Time for Live Chat
Over on Midphase.com/support you will also find the option to open a chat window with one of our technical support experts. You will need to have account information including your domain name and any passwords or account information for your account. For security purposes we need verification that you are an administrator of the account. Chat is also available for billing and sales support issues.
When using chat be sure to be as informative as possible without clouding the problem with superfluous information that the technician or representative doesn’t need to know. Explain your question or problem as simply as possible for the fastest results. For example, “My site doesn’t seem to be responding” is much better than “It’s broke”. If the person you are chatting with doesn’t respond immediately, don’t be concerned. They are most likely investigating your situation and will get back to you shortly.  
If there’s no emergency, send us a support ticket
Submitting a ticket is the easiest way for our support staff to help you resolve a problem quickly and easily. Tickets can be submitted directly from your account at CHI.Midphase.com or by sending a descriptive email outlining your question or concern to support@midphase.com from the email linked to your hosting account.
To submit a ticket through your CHI account, click the icon that looks like a question mark from the taskbar on the left hand side of your screen once you’re logged in. There will be a tab titled New Ticket that will take you to a form for you to fill out. Once the ticket is submitted a tech should respond to you shortly.    
Still stuck? Give us a call!
If you are more of a phone person than a typing person, you can speak directly to our support staff by calling 1-866-MIDPHASE or 1-866-643-7427. Be sure to have your domain and login information on hand for security purposes.
Please be descriptive and patient, it may take a few moments for us to find the answer to your question and your representative may put you on hold while they talk to other technicians. If your issue isn’t time sensitive it might be more convenient to submit a ticket rather than phoning in.
No matter what problem you are facing or what question you need answering, our technical support team is here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.