Inside aweapons-grade? Data Center: Part 1

Posted by Clint Reeves

The past several months midPhase has joined Twitter and Answers.com on the massive, highly reliable C7 Data Centers in Lindon, UTAH as part of our 2012shared? infrastructure revamp that seeks to drive down prices, introduce flexible billing options and offer the highest degree of protection and uptime for your data.

C7 Data Center

Utah is now the new economic motor for the United States with recent studies ranking it number 1 in terms of economic outlook for all 50 states.? And, this is for the fourth time in a row.

A low, flat 5% tax rate is one reason for this. However, the state also has some other compelling features that make it attractive to huge, powerful data centers that are the lifeblood of large IT companies and reputable web hosting companies.

One of these features is the fact that UTAH is situated in a FEMA-sanctioned disaster-safe location. C7 Data Centers, Inc. thus had some very good reasons for starting out life in the Intermountain regions of UTAH in 2000.

Since then their data-backbone has grown to more than 70,000 square feet of space and the company is now researching additional land acquisition opportunities.

The four data centers that make up the C7 floor plan have the enviable reputation of maintaining a 99.98% uptime and a record of NO annual shutdowns since 2000.? This remarkable statistic is what led our IT teams under to pursue a long-term relationship with this data powerhouse.

And, we are not alone: Twitter, Answers.com and Level 3 have all elected to deploy some, or all, of their server infrastructure in Utah.

Recent upgrades to the Utah data centers allow us to consume large amounts of bandwidth at reduced prices, which we can pass onto you.? This is one reason why midPhase continues to offer some of the lowest, cheapest and most affordable hosting plans on the planet. And, this trend will continue through 2012 and 2013 as we seek to become the number 1 hosting choice for small businesses.

All data on our shared platforms resided in Tier-3 data centersthe highest level of server infrastructure available from C7. They come with these benefits:

  • Custom data center solutions
  • Proprietary cold-aisle cooling technology
  • High density power delivery
  • SAS 70 Type II
  • Disaster-safe region
  • Low operational cost savings
  • High connectivity
  • Multiple Tier 1 carriers
  • High availability (N+1)
  • Multiple substations provide power

This article was brought to you by Midphase, for shared hosting, cloud servers and 24/7 support visit our site here www.midphase.com

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