Is It Easier To Buy Domains And Web Hosting From The Same Company?

In business, as in life, simpler usually means better. This is particularly true of domain name purchases and hosting services. These are crucial elements of developing a successful online brand, yet some companies confuse matters by purchasing domains from one company before employing an unrelated firm to manage the hosting.

The theory of everything

In theory, that shouldn’t pose a significant problem. In reality, using separate companies for these tasks doubles the amount of paperwork and administration required. It’s also more challenging when the domain is due to be renewed. Domains are effectively leased for a period of one to nine years, yet web hosting has to be paid for annually. There’s obvious potential for confusion about which service needs to be renewed at any given time.
The corresponding uptick in paperwork is particularly troublesome if you’re (a) really busy, or (b) not the greatest at filing PDF invoices and settling accounts. There have been cases where company websites are taken offline because web hosting services weren’t paid for, or where a domain elapsed because the person responsible for renewal assumed the annual hosting fee included the domain. In many cases, it is included, and we believe it should be. It’s hard to beat the simplicity of dealing with one company, with a single account number and one point of contact…

Expiry date

If a domain hasn’t been renewed by the date it expires, any content at that address will immediately disappear. Attempts to view it will be met with a ‘page not found’ message. Search engines quickly downgrade the site in their rankings as soon as they’re unable to crawl it. Worst of all, the domain will eventually be released onto the open market, where it could be acquired by someone else.
If your domain name is (available to purchase through Midphase for just $8.99), this is not likely to be a problem. However, if a domain name is short, iconic or contains a term popular among other companies, a rival may immediately snap it up. Your website would have to relocate to another domain name, rebuilding its SEO reputation from nothing.

A simple plan

Of course, Midphase wouldn’t let that happen. We contact clients well before domain renewal time, giving them plenty of notice. Renewing domain names is as easy as using our hosting services – which are also designed for people who have no technical knowledge whatsoever. We use jargon-free language to help our clients create and maintain stylish websites, using WordPress (which powers a quarter of the world’s websites) or Midphase’s own Website Builder tool.
In terms of web hosting services, we offer three packages. Each package provides unlimited space on our servers for website content and unlimited bandwidth for people accessing your site. Our Professional and Business packages can be customized with anything from performance analytics to SSL certificates for secure customer browsing. Whatever you need, we’ve got it under one roof. Why make life any more complicated?

Partner with Midphase for affordable web hosting at only $1 per month and a free domain.