5 #PeopleIWantToMeet


This go-to dinner table conversation has exploded on twitter in the USA this week, so Midphase writer Sarah Holt decided to put her 10 cents in, too. Except her heroes don’t do capes or underwear as outerwear…

Chris Hadfield – Astronaut and Space Busker

I don’t know astronaut Chris Hadfield’s middle name, but I’m guessing it’s Legend. Damn – I just wikipedia-ered him and it’s Austin. Hmpf. I still think it should be Legend. This guy was the first ever Canadian to walk in space and the commander of the International Space Station, so you think he might have developed a few airs and graces. But he’s got time for everyone. He even does school visits to inspire the next generation of space cadets.

Bruce Parry – Intrepid British Explorer

Bruce is the earthbound equivalent of the Starship Enterprise. On earth, he’s boldly gone where no man has gone before. He’s one of the only people to have lived with indigenous communities in places like Mongolia and the Amazon. After adapting to their lifestyles 100 per cent (this included drinking cow’s blood and eating hallucinogenic herbs) he left every tribe as a family member rather than a documentary maker.

Adam Richman – Host of Man versus Food

It’s the wordsmith in Adam Richman that makes him a personal hero. During the filming of Man Versus Food, he waxed lyrical about the food he was trying – with the emphasis in this sentence being on ‘lyrical’. He’s the bard of the buffet as far as I’m concerned. I’d love to share a mancake (that’s his way of describing a giant pancake) with him!

Lee Abbamonte – World Traveller

As someone who suffers from terminal wanderlust, I can’t help drool Homer Simpson-style over what Lee Abbamonte has achieved. He’s the youngest American to have visited every country in the world.

Miss Piggy – Role Model

As far as I’m concerned, Miss Piggy is the greatest role model a young person can have. She’s comfortable in her skin, knows how to get exactly what she wants, and can give as good as she gets in an argument. She’s also adored by Kermie. I don’t care if she’s a Muppet!