Site Renovators Contest Update

We’re really happy with the number of people (a few hundred) who submitted their website for the Midphase Site Renovators contest! Our team is poised and ready to dig in and then share what they feel will make a difference with the winner’s website.
We are in the final steps and are very anxious and excited to announce the winner; we hope by tomorrow we’ll have contacted the winner and can announce who it is! We know you’re sitting on the edge of your seats to find out if you won so in the meantime check out how our site has transformed over the years (thanks to Way Back Machine) !

Here we are at the beginning… 2002, the good ‘ole days! What is that guy looking at!?

Can you believe we gave away a car! Wonder what happened to it? Ahh, the flip phone, if anyone still has one of those you deserve to win this contest. 😉

Nothing special here… well except the completely intimidating corporate women. Pretty sure that lady in front has fired two gagillion people. 🙂

Missing the main banner here but this design was there for a good amount of time! By the way, in case you didn’t know, no one has ever talked to that guy or girl with the headset… it’s a stock photo, there has never been anyone that good looking who worked here; sorry to crush you. 🙂

“Would you like some coffee… or this totally yummy web hosting cereal!?!?”

“Don’t even pretend like you’re gonna unplug the Internet!”

Even though there were a few “facepalm” moments looking back at our old website designs, we’ve have a fun time over the years and look forward to the years to come!
Do you remember any of those old designs? What do you think of them compared to where we are today?