4 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Website

You’ve heard that optimizing your website is important, but you don’t know where to start. We can help! Midphase makes it simple.
If you have a small business website, we know that you have more than enough to do as it is. Keeping a business going is a lot of work and the last thing you want to think about is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Let Midphase help.
SEO is very important. And so is having a website that is optimized for any sized screen. When website visitors access your page, they will quickly judge your business based on these little details – if they get there at all. SEO not only helps potential customers find your website, it also keeps them there.
Now we aren’t saying that you need to devote your weekends to SEO. Search Engine Land writes, “You don’t need dedicated SEO resources or even a marketing team to optimize a website. Putting SEO best practices in place early on can pay dividends down the line as a business grows.” This is where we come in.
This easy checklist can help you get your SEO ducks in a row to help you both now and later. We’ve thrown in a few tips to get you going.

Google Analytics

Installing Google Analytics is the easiest way to see how well your website is doing currently, and how to get SEO help for the future. Installation is simple. You can follow the steps within this blog post to get started.    
Tip: Be sure that you pick a well-known plugin when attaching your Google ID to your website. And always keep all plugins up to date to keep your website secure.

Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Entering title tags and descriptions only takes a few minutes and can help search engines find your page and lead traffic to you. Title tags are descriptions used to help web crawlers look for the subject of your page and need to be less than 60 characters. Meta tags are used to summarize your content in less than 155 characters. Both are used to help your on-page SEO. 
Tip: Try to include keywords for your website whenever possible. These keywords help you create a brand reputation and increase your search engine page rankings.


Search Engine Land recommends having at least 300 words of unique content for every page, and that every page on your website can be reached within 3 clicks. A blog is a great way to stay in touch with customers and will help you publish content regularly without too much hassle.
Tip: Midphase offers easy-to-use WordPress hosting that is great for any business or personal website. Learn more here.

Mobile Optimization

It is important to be sure that your website looks great on screens of all sizes. You can test your website with Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. Just click here and enter your domain. From here you will gain information about your website as well as tips on how to make it better.
Tip: Our website builder automatically optimizes your website for mobile, tablet and desktop as you build. Learn more about Midphase’s Website Builder here.   
If you have gotten through these easy tasks, then you are well on your way to total website optimization. For additional ideas on how to help your website within search engine page rankings check out our FREE website SEO report. We can scan your website and explain how to quickly and easily improve your SEO rankings.

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