Why Every Site Owner Should Understand The Basics Of SEO

Understanding the concepts behind successful SEO is important for your website, but you don’t have to do this alone – Midphase can help!
Buying a domain name is the first vital step to getting online. Next, you will need website hosting: do you need shared web hosting, a virtual private server or a dedicated server? Beyond web hosting is the actual website design, but just how important is it that you pay attention to search engine optimization (SEO) basics in your design? Answer: very.
It’s vital that you please Google with your site. If you’re not visible on the search engine results page you’re likely to be losing out on a huge volume of extra website traffic; even small-time websites will notice a boost from Google’s search visibility. While research remains sketchy about the exact volume of website traffic, research from Forrester in 2006 suggested that 93% of all internet traffic originates from a search engine, a figure which has surely remained constant or increased as we discuss the matter almost a decade later.
So just why should you understand the SEO basics?
It can be easy to overlook something like search engine optimization when designing and building your small business website, that’s for sure. We know just how long your to-do list is at this point, but SEO really doesn’t need to give you a headache! The SEO basics are easy to grasp, and you’ll find they do wonders for your traffic volume and site visitor conversions – after all, your site acts as the face of your business online, so why not invest in a little online etiquette know-how?
Here are five reasons every website owner should understand the SEO basics:

  • Visibility

Your site’s online visibility should be central to your online business strategy; what’s the point in having a website if nobody can find it? Unfortunately for you it is via Google that many of your website visitors will find your site, and so upping your visibility on Google equates to upping your customer visibility.

  • Profitability

Monetizing your website can be easy, regardless of whether or not you’re selling your own products and services directly from your website. Affiliate programs allow you to make money from your site or blog by providing you with a link to their products from your website. Understanding how to channel traffic towards your own site – in order to then direct it towards the affiliate site – is vital if you hope to make any money through this.

  • Popularity

The online world gives you a great platform to introduce your brand personality to your customers – your website content, social media updates and any other online comms should all be aligned with this persona. A strong understanding of SEO will bring your brand persona closer to your customers, creating the rapport you should be looking to establish. Online business can seem faceless and impersonal, so work to ensure your brand personality is visible where it matters the most: where your customers are searching.

  • Measurability

Thanks to analytics software such as Google Analytics you can gauge the popularity of your website and the success of your search engine optimization efforts, learning first-hand just how important the SEO knowledge has been for your site. Midphase even offer a completely free SEO report so you can see how well your site is currently performing; visit our Website SEO Guru to scan your site now by clicking here.

  • Knowledgeability

Being knowledgeable in search engine optimization is a valuable skill; having the ability to ensure your site – or indeed any site you work on – has all the tools and tricks applied to please Google will serve the site and your business well. By taking an interest in SEO you are taking an interest in the success of your website and the success of your business; the three business components are intertwined. You won’t regret learning basic search engine optimization, we can assure you.

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