What Could An SEO Boost Do For Your Website?

How much would your website benefit from a little SEO attention? Read more to find out…
Many website owners figure that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was a big deal a few years ago, but doesn’t make much difference in 2016. We hate to bust the bubbles of the non-SEO believers, but SEO still matters – a lot. SEO is more important than ever, and will most likely play a vital role in your marketing effort for many years to come.
There are parts of SEO that aren’t important or just don’t work any longer. Give this post a shot to rid your website of outdated SEO tactics. Google is going to stick around for a while, and as long as Google and others are major players in the search engine game, what they say goes. So the question remains, what could SEO do for your website?
Increased Organic Traffic
SEO is effectively free organic traffic. The higher you rank in search engines, the more traffic you will get on your site. Think of the cost of business cards, ads, t-shirts and every other marketing expense: none of these methods will accumulate as much traffic and visibility to your website as a little SEO attention.  
Increased Brand Recognition
Every small business dreams about becoming the next Google, Amazon or Etsy. These companies began as “Amazon who?”, and eventually became “Etsy wow!” all because of brand recognition. SEO is a must for any small business looking for returning visitors and the popularity necessary to develop into an established brand.
Increased Shareability
If websites are the destinations of the internet, social media are the roads traveled to get there. By linking your website and content to social media you can create direct pathways to your website. This content is easily shared to create more traffic and increased ROI. Many users will search businesses on Facebook before using a search engine, so it is important that you include social media in your SEO efforts.
Increased Sales
If you consider ecommerce to be the main focus of your site, not only will SEO help you find more website visitors but it will help you make more money. Including searchable keywords and detailed product descriptions can increase the trust your customers have with your brand, which means more sales and money in your pocket.
Increased Trust & Credibility
If you perform a search, whether it be Google, Yahoo or Bing, you are pretty certain that the top posts are most likely from credible websites that you can trust. This is because these search engines work around the clock to make sure that the websites they promote are worthy. SEO is the space in between that allows search engines to see that your site is worthy of top ranking.
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