Easy Steps For Avoiding Google Penalties

Getting to the top of search pages is a tough job, but this job can be even tougher if you are being penalized by Google.
Google has worked long and hard to perfect their algorithm that analyses your site to determine its quality and ranks it in search engine results. Great websites are pushed to the top and the not-so-great websites are penalized and dropped to the last page or removed altogether.
Ending up at the bottom of the pile is a website administrator’s worst nightmare. But don’t worry, to avoid being penalized by Google there are a few easy steps that you can take. These steps may not ensure that Google marks your website as a winner, but they will go a long way towards search engine success.

  • Your website visitors are #1.

The best thing you can do for your website is to keep your visitors as your top priority. Google knows exactly how websites work for users. Old tactics like keyword stuffing no longer work for higher rankings. Avoid writing content for search bots and write specifically for your readers. Google wants to promote good sites and punish bad ones, so if your website is effectively providing a service for your visitors you will be ranked highly.

  • Publish ONLY high-quality content.

Not only should you continue to publish high-quality content, but you should also search for old, low-grade content already on your site and either update it or remove it. Remember that everything published on your website is up for review, so knowing exactly what you are showing the world will serve you well.

  • Do not duplicate.

Google is always searching for stolen content. Spammy websites will steal good content from good website and try to claim it as their own. Because of this many websites that republish their own work can be penalized by Google. Be sure that every paragraph, phrase and post is original and well written to avoid any search engine problems.

  • Faster is better.

Google likes fast websites… and don’t we all? The average website visitor will click away if the site doesn’t load in under 3 seconds. For the sake of your visitors as well as Google, it is definitely worth investing the time to make your website as fast as possible. Try visiting GTmetrix, a free tool that will time your website and give you some great ideas on how to help it load faster.

  • Get up-to-date SEO tips.

It’s almost impossible to know every search engine optimization trick and tip on the web. This is why we have created a software especially for website administrators. Our Website SEO Guru will quickly scan your web page and look for any problems that could exist between your website and the search engines that crawl it.
After our Website SEO Guru scans your web page it will give you a list of helpful tips on how to greatly improve your search engine ranking. Oh, and scanning your website is completely free! We know how many jobs website owners have already, so this one is on us.

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