Five Great New Features in Google Analytics

New Google Ananlytics
As the Google search engine updates so does the analytics tool used by web developers who use our shared hosting services to analyze and track their website traffic. Currently, there are 5 new features that can help you keep track of this data even more efficiently.

  1. Email Reports
  2. Although this may not be a new feature, it was a feature that was removed from Google Analytics for some time. However, with the recent new release of Google Analytics, the email reports feature was re-included. This allows you to set up scheduled emails that send reports to clients periodically. Just click the “Email” button under the report tab. Add the recipient’s email address, and the frequency with which you want the report sent.

  3. Export PDF Reports
  4. A new feature that allows you to download PDF reports to your computer. Just click the “Export” tab next to the “Email” button under the reporting option. Choose the format you want: PDF, TSV(Excel), TSV or CSV). The PDF option is the newest and offers an attractive report option, especially when this needs to be shown to clients or a boss.

  5. Social Media Reports
  6. Even though social media may not be your forte, you still need to use it, especially now that it is an important part of Internet marketing and SEO. Social reports offers you information pertaining to traffic that comes from social sources. This helps identify the social websites that best work for you and helps you determine which of these social mediums you should focus the most time on.

  7. Events Flow
  8. When you set up events in your Google Analytics account, you are presented with a new visualization tool that gives you the order in which visitors flow through the pages of your sites. This flow charge offers three types of stats; visits, events and goals.

  9. Multi-Channel Funnels
  10. These are reports that are generated from conversion paths. It offers the number of clicks or referrals from other channels for the 30 days prior to each conversion transaction.

Whether you use all the features and tools included in Google Analytics, you can’t deny that Google Analytics has the most complete traffic analysis data at no cost for web masters of all experience levels. Now with options that allow web masters to better inform website owners, and demonstrate growth rates, there are even more reasons to choose this analytical tool as your website traffic analyzer.