Struggling To Innovate? Try These Brain Boosters

We can’t be geniuses every day, so when you’re having an off day give these brain boosters a shot to get the juices flowing.
On days when your brain is lacking in creativity, do not despair for all is not lost. There are actions you can take to get inspired. At times when it’s too hot or when the sun isn’t shining, our brains can feel like they’re facing a bit more latency than usual (web hosting pun intended!). We’ve put together this post for our end-of-the-week wind down to help you finish the week off with a bang. Try these brain boosters to get going:
Read something completely new.
Nothing says wisdom like the great works of literature. Moby Dick, Huckleberry Finn, The Odyssey and other literary classics provide brain stimulating philosophies for you to mull over in your free time, giving your brain a workout. The best part is that these classics are usually free to download from your e-reader. But if that isn’t your style, feel free to catch up on your favorite tween vampire novels too. Reading of any sort has been shown to improve your overall brain capacity.
Get the app: Kindle has long been a favorite e-reader, and for those on the go try Audible.
Learn a new language.
Have you ever wished you could watch foreign films without the subtitles? How about ordering your French meal in French? If so, now is the time to get started! There are dozens of helpful websites to help you on your way and you can always meet new people in a community language class. Learning a new language forces our brains to use multiple cognitive functions simultaneously. Even better, once you learn the language you will have a great reason to plan a trip to your newly found tongue’s native land.
Get the app: Duolingo has great reviews and it’s free!
Learn a new computing language.
Without the internet the world as we know it would crumble, or at the very least we would all be very bored. This precious communication tool is up and running thanks to the creative coders that keep our internet beautiful, and pretty soon the ability to code will be one of most coveted skills on the planet. Travel behind the scenes of the web by learning to code and boost your brainpower while doing so. Get started with a book or a class and check out the great websites available to take you through different coding languages step-by-step.
Get the app: Codebox or Udacity are great places to get started with coding.  
Get a history refresher.
Do you know what significant event happened on June 6th, 1934? Who was the president in 1957? Get the facts straight and learn about historical events around the globe to stimulate your mind. You will be surprised at how relevant history can be to your everyday life. If not, you can at least answer a few more questions correctly when you are finally a contestant on Jeopardy!
Get the app: The History Channel has a great tool and Today In History is perfect while you’re on the go.
Try something creative.
If you find yourself getting stressed throughout the day you will be surprised how relaxing it is to take 90 seconds to draw a happy doodle or think of a quick verse. Writing a song or a poem can really get your creativity flowing and even browsing art can stimulate parts of your brain that often lie dormant. You don’t have to show anyone your crafty work (unless you really want to) but who knows, maybe you could be the next Bernie Taupin or Andy Warhol!
Get the app: Use an app like Hum. when you feel lyrical inspiration strike and POETRY is perfect for your next sonnet.
Take a break.
Mindful meditation has been shown to calm stress and promote physical health. And while meditating is an ancient practice it has been revived for the average individual to enjoy less anxiety and more creativity. On the days you need a little extra brain boost, take a few minutes to quiet your thoughts. You never know what great ideas might pop up when your state of mind is serene.
Get the app: Mindfulness is a straightforward and simple way to get your “om” on.
Play a game.
Games have been shown to keep your brain healthy and fight off Alzheimer’s and dementia. The great news is that even if you hate crossword puzzles and chess there are still hundreds of options to help you find focus in and out of the game environment. Unfortunately we don’t recommend that you spend your day playing Playstation or XBox to your brain bursting, but there is something to be said about practising hand-eye coordination, so we’ll let you off for half an hour a day. To find the most innovative results for your noodle look for games that include words, patterns and even a little bit of math to connect with your inner genius.
Get the app: Lumosity is a popular brain tool but really any Sudoku app will work too.
Listen to music.
If nothing else works you can’t beat sitting back and jamming out for a while. Get your toes tapping and your air guitar roaring, we will even lend you a hair brush to help you belt it out. Whether your preference is heavy metal or easy listening, nothing stimulates our minds quite like singing along to our favorite tunes.
Get the app: Spotify just revamped their app, but any old Pandora station will do.
Our brains are large, important muscles and just like any other muscle we have to use them to stay in shape. So after your morning jog don’t forget to strengthen your brain too!

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