Twelve Days of Christmas “Two Turtle Doves”

Christmas Eve is traditionally celebrated with eating, drinking, dancing and family. Midphase is celebrating the day before Christmas with romance as we assess the second day of Christmas with two turtle doves.
There is a good reason to gift two turtle doves to your true love. Turtle doves mate for life and are seen as a symbol of romance. To give only one turtle dove would be a sad story and not romantic in the least.shutterstock_193256189
Two turtle doves represent friendship, faith, hope and all other feel-good warm and fuzzies associated with the holiday season. But turtle doves aren’t the only hopeless romantics in the animal kingdom.
Here are eight other adorable couples that are sure to make you say ‘awww’:

These adorable monkeys take romance very seriously. Their dating habits closely mirror humans’ in that most gibbons grow old together,
sweetly picking the bugs out of one anothers fur. However they have been known to separate in the rare case that one of the lovers will ‘divorce’ the other in cases where infidelity is involved. This is not a common occurrence thankfully.
Swans have long been the picture perfect symbol of love. Their necks make a heart for goodness’ sake! How could they not? Their lifelong pairing also serves them evolutionary wise, attracting a mate takes time and energy that is better spent hatching eggs and teaching little baby swans, called ‘cygnets’, to swim. Finding a new mate every season would take time away from the little swan babies.

shutterstock_238651273Black Vultures:

In the world of Black Vulture romance there is no such thing as divorce. In the case of infidelity the cheating vulture is viciously attacked and sometimes killed! That tends to keep most vultures’ eyes from wandering too far. On the bright side, they are a living example that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.
French Angelfish:shutterstock_152129492
These fish firmly believe that ‘there is no I in TEAM.’ Angelfish pair up young and will hunt, live and travel side by side until death do them part. As a team they have a much stronger chance of defending their young and territory. Go team angelfish!


Wolves are known to be the poster child of the feral lifestyle. In reality, wolves are loyal and dedicated family figures. Their family units consist of mother, father and pups giving the phrase ‘raised by wolves’ a much sweeter sound.
These birds fly great distances in their migrations and meet at the same place every year to mate with the same partner. The albatross has cracked the code to a successful long distance relationship. I doubt they will share their secrets anytime soon, but it’s nice to know that someone has figured it out!

Bald Eagles:

These magnificent creatures are symbols for all things Americans hold dear. Freedom, hope and loyalty are the stronghold of the typical bald eagle coupling. Once united the pair rarely separates except in the event of the death or impotence of one of the two. Bald Eagles produce two or three eggs a year, making parenting a priority and full time job for both parents.

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